Fly By Jing And Fishwife Release A New Limited Sweet And Spicy Canned Salmon

Two boxes of Fishwife and Fly By Jing salmon surrounded by mushrooms, veggies, and condiments
Two boxes of Fishwife and Fly By Jing salmon surrounded by mushrooms, veggies, and condiments - Fishwife/Fly By Jing

Two über-trendy brands, Fly by Jing and Fishwife (whose founders recently competed on "Shark Tank"), are celebrating three years of fruitful partnership and have come together to release a new limited-edition and gold-labeled sweet and spicy canned salmon: Smoked Salmon with Sweet and Spicy Zhong. For $39, you get a trio-pack of Fishwife's smoked salmon swimming in a sweet and spicy and umami-laden Zhong sauce, one of three sauces that the Chinese food brand Fly by Jing is famous for. Each tin of smoked salmon weighs about 3.2 ounces.

Both brands are women-founded and the two companies even share office space. The two female powerhouse founders, Becca Millstein of Fishwife and Jing Gao of Fly by Jing, developed this new sweet and spicy canned salmon product about three years ago, according to Fishwife's website. The new product's description reveals that the canned salmon is tender, with campfire smokiness and a caramelized flavor -- all enhanced with Fly by Jing's Zhong sauce.

Note that Fly by Jing sauces are vegan; however, this sweet and spicy canned salmon, made with Atlantic salmon, is not. (Obviously.) Fishwife is proud of its farmed salmon, which the company states comes from the Kvarøy Arctic. Its salmon eat better than most of us, are fed a sustainable diet full of nutrients, and are raised sans chemicals or antibiotics. Fishwife then smokes its salmon in small batches over a mix of wood, including maple, beech, and birch. Once smoked to perfection, a fifth-generation family-run cannery based in Washington State hand-packs and cans the fish. Hence, a whole lot of love goes into each tin.

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This Is Not Fly By Jing And Fishwife's First Collaboration

Close-up of the Fishwife x Fly By Jing sweet and spicy smoked salmon
Close-up of the Fishwife x Fly By Jing sweet and spicy smoked salmon - Fishwife

This collaboration follows in the footsteps of past smash-success projects between the two brands. Prior products have included Slow-Smoked Mackerel with Chili Flakes, Sardines with Hot Pepper, and smoked salmon with Fly By Jing's flagship Sichuan Chili Crisp condiment. According to Fishwife's website, bundles of these collabs are some of its best-selling products and The New York Times called Fly by Jing and Fishwife's Smoked Salmon and Sichuan Chili Crisp a "winning combination..."

However, the success of their new collaboration product remains to be seen. The price seems fair, though, with canned smoked salmon averaging from $11.50 to $16.00 online on sites like And Fly by Jing's Sweet & Spicy Zhong condiment, with its medley of sweet, tangy, spicy, and umami notes, seems like a balanced pairing for woody smoked salmon.

Seafood dishes, like this sausage and seafood gumbo, do well with spices and a little heat, so this new limited sweet and spicy canned salmon that pairs smoked salmon with Chinese hot sauce is definitely not far-fetched. In fact, it sounds delicious and innovative simultaneously, highlighting the creativity and power of female entrepreneurship at the helm of exciting cross-brand collaborations.

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