Should you be following those #CleanTok trends? A professional house cleaner weighs in

Spring has sprung, and those of us who have been living in hibernation are ready to open the windows, dust down the house and let the fresh air in.

Ever since the pandemic, when many people became domestic busy bodies, #CleanTok has ballooned in popularity on TikTok with endless cleaning videos ranging from ASMR to creative hacks.

Some of those cleaning hacks seem downright unbelievable, so to weigh in on some popular #CleanTok trends, we spoke with a veteran cleaner: Jen Boyle, co-owner of a MaidThis Cleaning franchise in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and a "Top Pro" on Thumbtack.

She told USA TODAY she had a toilet brush in her hand when she was 3 years old, stepping in as her mom's helper while she was in medical school.

"Spring cleaning to me is really like − there's a fresh start outside, everything is blooming, your windows are opening," Boyle said. "So it's about bringing that fresh start from the outside in."

Boyle helped us evaluate some popular cleaning trends online. Here is what she had to say:

Jen Boyle and her husband Brian, co-owners of a MaidThis Cleaning franchise in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.
Jen Boyle and her husband Brian, co-owners of a MaidThis Cleaning franchise in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Dumping baking soda on the mattress and couch

A classic "Sunday Reset" video includes TikTok users pouring baking soda on their mattresses and couch cushions, letting it sit, and vacuuming it up.

Boyle said this may be new to the internet, but she has been using it to eliminate odor for a long time.

But her own take on this hack? Jump on the bed before putting the baking soda down.

"When was the last time you jumped on the bed? So jump on your bed before you do it," she said. "That will release all the allergens."

She suggests jumping, vacuuming, putting down the baking soda and then vacuuming again. Also, while you're at it, spring may be a good time to flip or rotate your mattress, she said.

Using a pot lid, a rag and a detergent to clean couches

Lots of TikToks show a rag wrapped around a pot lid that is run over couch cushions like a steamer.

Boyle explains here that the potlid helps to give leverage in scrubbing and prevents the rag from bunching.

"They're really getting into it and creating those lines," Boyle said. "Those lines won't last, they won't last if you have kids!"

She said she uses a different cleaning solution than a Tide pod, but says whatever cleaner you use, just spot check it on a part of the fabric first.

And most importantly, rinse your rag well and often.

Stripping your laundry

Boyle says there are a lot of ways to deep clean your bedding and linens, but filling a bathtub and adding vinegar or products like Oxi Boosters can help freshen the bedding.

"It's a great hack to strip your bedding, absolutely," Boyle said.

Other dos and don'ts for spring cleaning

Here are a few more of Boyle's tips for tackling your spring cleaning:

  • Instead of a steel Brillo pad, which can be too abrasive for some surfaces, use a wet pumice stone for hard grime like toilet rings, oven doors or build up in the tub.

  • When dusting or cleaning something like a fridge, use a dry cloth to pick up the dust and dirt, and follow it up with your wet cleaners.

  • To freshen your kitchen, take out the black rubber funnel to the garbage disposal and scrub that, plus get a brush down in the disposal (with it safely switched off, of course).

But amid all the cleaning, Boyle also offered the reassurance to go at your own pace.

"As a woman and a mom, I want to say, just don't overwhelm yourself," Boyle said. "Everyone's house gets dusty. Everyone's house gets dirty...houses are lived in and they're supposed to be lived in."

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Spring cleaning tips 2024: Professional weighs in on popular hacks