Forget Mayo, Ranch Dressing Is An Easy Way To Switch Up Potato Salad

Buttermilk ranch potato salad in bowl with fork
Buttermilk ranch potato salad in bowl with fork - Ksenia Prints/Tasting Table

You might think mayonnaise is the ideal creamy condiment to pull together all of the ingredients in your potato salad, but we have a recipe that skips it, at least in part, for a tangier, tastier option: buttermilk ranch dressing. Sure, mayonnaise is delicious, but ranch dressing gives your potato salad the same creaminess -- plus more herby flavor. In her potato salad recipe, Tasting Table recipe developer Ksenia Prints uses a homemade buttermilk ranch with just a few ingredients, including Greek yogurt and a touch of mayo, that are superior to a store-bought bottle.

Why go through the effort of making buttermilk ranch? "The homemade dressing imbues each bite with a tangy, creamy richness that complements the potatoes and herbs perfectly," says Prints. You also have control over what goes in the dressing, like using fresh herbs for premium flavor and skipping out on preservations found in most bottled versions.

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Making Buttermilk Ranch Potato Salad

Pouring buttermilk ranch on baby potatoes
Pouring buttermilk ranch on baby potatoes - Ksenia Prints/Tasting Table

This recipe uses a pound and a half of skin-on baby potatoes because they're waxy and low in starch content so they'll hold up better during cooking. Wash and cut the potatoes in halves or quarters depending on your preference. Next, boil them until they're tender, which should take 15 to 20 minutes. When they're ready, toss them in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking and cool them down.

"If you're using regular potatoes, we recommend peeling them for a smoother consistency, though you can also choose to leave the skins on for a rustic texture, depending on your preference," says Prints.

Now let's get into how to make that delicious buttermilk dressing: Start by chopping 3 tablespoons each of fresh cilantro, dill, parsley leaves, chives, and scallions, plus one-and-a-half garlic cloves. Then you mix those fresh herbs and garlic with buttermilk, Greek yogurt, and mayonnaise into a deliciously creamy buttermilk ranch dressing. Add salt and black pepper to taste and mix the dressing with the potatoes. Prints recommends serving this dish immediately for the best taste.

Shortcuts For Making Potato Salad

Buttermilk ranch potato salad in serving bowl
Buttermilk ranch potato salad in serving bowl - Ksenia Prints/Tasting Table

We promise all of that chopping and mixing is well worth it, but if you're short on time, there are a couple of time-saving hacks. First, use your favorite bottled ranch dressing from the grocery store -- try to find a buttermilk variation because it will have a better consistency for this recipe. Just expect a thicker consistency. Another way to get this potato salad on the table quicker is to use a packet of ranch seasoning and mix it according to the instructions on the package.

For a complete meal, serve this with spicy fried chicken and your favorite vegetable. You can even buy prepared sides to make your life easier since you're putting your effort into this dish. And of course, you can also serve this buttermilk ranch potato salad with burgers and hot dogs at your next barbecue.

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