Former model reveals the hardships of being 'really beautiful woman'

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A woman’s account of what it’s like to be born beautiful has sparked debates online regarding “beauty privilege.”

Speaking anonymously to The Cut, the former model, now in her late 50s, said she knew she was exceptionally beautiful since the eighth grade.

Describing herself as “tall and willowy,” the woman says she weighed less than 120 lbs. her entire life. She credits her modeling success to “waist length dark brown hair and brown eyes.”

“It’s kind of like being born rich, people don’t believe that you feel the same pain. It’s a bias that people can’t shake.”

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The woman later admits that beauty has its advantages — like securing work, for instance. On the flip side, she says, her colleagues always made her pay for it.

In her post, entitled What It’s Like to Go Through Life As a Really Beautiful Woman, she details how jealous co-workers once tried to sabotage her by placing empty wine bottles in her workspace — making it look as though she’d been drinking on the job.

The middle aged beauty also said her looks are to blame for her lack of genuine relationships.

“My closest friend was a gay man, he wasn’t jealous and he didn’t want to get laid. That might have been my only pure friendship,” she added.

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The insights have drawn mixed reactions on social media, with some taking to Twitter to support her claims, while others suggest her admissions proved “beauty privilege” exists.

“The problem is that when a beautiful woman herself tries to (beauty privilege), she’s automatically accused of being self-involved and oblivious. And you know, people want to see pictures. When a ‘regular’ women [sic] tries to discuss is, she’s accused of being jealous,” wrote Jessica Wakeman.

“(And people want to see pictures of her to ‘prove’ it.) These reactions are damaging, even if they’re well-intentioned. We *KNOW* conventionally attractive people go through life differently — not always more easily, but yes, often that.”

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