Give French Toast A Savory Twist To Switch Up Breakfast For Dinner

french toast with bacon in skillet
french toast with bacon in skillet - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

French toast is a sweet breakfast classic on par with the likes of pancakes and waffles. While we tend to consider these three dishes sweet breakfasts, they're only as sweet as the garnishes we add to the finished dish. Without a sprinkle of powdered sugar, a drizzle of maple syrup, or a slather of fruit jam and Nutella, these griddle-cooked, bread-centric dishes have just as much potential to be savory meals.

If you want to convert French toast from a sweet breakfast to a savory dinner, the transition is effortless. The basic recipe for classic french toast creates a simple custard of egg and milk seasoned with baking spices, a pinch of salt, and, occasionally, a teaspoon of vanilla extract. For a savory twist on french toast, all you have to do is omit the baking spices and extract or swap them for savory spices and dried herbs.

French toast is a versatile and easy dish made with basic household staples, rendering it the perfect foundation for a lazy weeknight dinner. It can also revive hardened or stale crusty bread and doesn't involve tedious prep work. The custard's dairy-rich foundation tastes just as delicious with salty, spicy, or savory seasonings and provides the possibility for endless flavor combinations. Plus, you can make savory french toast as simple or elaborate as you'd like; you can swap the sweet garnishes and condiments for savory sauces or a sprinkling of salty cheese.

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Ideas And Tips For Savory French Toast

cheese and roasted peppers on toast
cheese and roasted peppers on toast - pbd Studio/Shutterstock

As a quick and lazy dinner idea, you can keep the prep work for savory french toast to a minimum with the help of premade spice and herb mixtures, bottled sauces, packaged shredded cheese, and canned or jarred foods. That said, you can also add fresh raw veggies or repurpose leftovers from previous dinners into delectable french toast toppers. An easy, comforting rendition of savory french toast could be simply adding freshly cracked pepper and garlic powder to the custard and garnishing the toast with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. Dried Italian herbs, Cajun seasoning, and flavored salts all provide multiple spices and herbs in one bottle to streamline the flavoring process.

If you want to make savory french toast into more of a hearty, open-faced sandwich, you can sprinkle shredded cheeses like mozzarella, gruyere, or sharp cheddar over the custard-soaked bread as it sizzles on the frying pan. Once you've toasted the first side, flip the bread over and add the cheese to give it time to evenly melt onto the bread. You can top a cheesy french toast with a drizzle of your favorite condiment, from sriracha to marinara, to a lemon-infused aioli. Pickled veggies, canned roasted peppers, beans, and crispy onions are all accessible and easy premade ingredients to spruce up savory french toast. For example, you could top your cheesy french toast with sun-dried tomatoes and capers for a burst of umami and tangy flavors.

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