Fun winter activities for kids of all ages

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Whether you’re planning to spend the season enjoying the great outdoors or the great indoors, Canadian Tire has everything you need to Bring On Winter fun. From winter activities the whole family will enjoy to tips on building the ultimate home gym, Canadian Tire has the gear you need to stay active this winter, both indoors and out.

Young girl goes ice skating with her parents
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Canadian winters can indeed be long and arduous, but they can also be the backdrop for plenty of fun winter activities, especially for kids (and the young at heart).

From a simple walk around the neighbourhood to speeding down a snow-covered hill in a toboggan or honing their skills on the ice, winter provides an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to new outdoor adventures. After all, you can’t ski or skate in the summer.

Want to get the kids outside more this season, but unsure what winter activities are appropriate for your child? We’ve put together some fun and engaging winter activity suggestions for every age group.

Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Toddler boy and girl sit in the snow. children play on a walk in winter. brother and sister having fun in the snowdrifts. High quality photo
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Toddlers are still learning about the world around them and don’t typically understand how rules and games work. While they might not be ready for organized sports, that doesn’t mean toddlers don’t need to be stimulated just like their older siblings.

Get your toddler used to winter weather with a short walk in the snow. Since toddlers are still wobbly and strollers don’t fare particularly well on icy surfaces, a baby sleigh or convertible wagon can be a fun seasonal alternative to transport weary little legs.

At the end of the day, everything is new and exciting for toddlers, so merely taking them out to play in the snow is a simple pleasure that’s beneficial for their development — and just plain fun. That said, always remember to properly bundle up, leaving no skin exposed to the elements.

Pre-school (Ages 3-5)

Preschool aged child playing in the snow with a helmet for winter safety
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Preschool-aged children are literal balls of energy, so this is an ideal age bracket to introduce your child to winter sports.

At this point, they’ve developed some fine motor skills and can (usually) follow instructions. Skating is a great winter sport for kids to start with, and can inspire them to pursue figure skating or hockey once they’re a little older. Balance Blades are a must-have beginner skate for younger children; the patented design offers better control and balance, giving parents peace of mind while kids learn proper skating technique.

At any age, sports that pose an injury risk require safety equipment like helmets and goggles. The Decibel Youth Helmet with Snow Goggles is ideal for protecting your precious cargo as they barrel down a snow-covered hill — this H2O inflatable snow tube comes in a fun comic book-style design young kids will be sure to love.

School-age (Ages 6-13)

Children ice skating with parents during winter
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School-age children are old enough to try just about any winter activity, and children in this age bracket may already be involved in traditional winter sports like skiing, hockey or snowboarding.

Keep that momentum going by encouraging them to try new sports, or progress in one they’re already engaged in. Budding figure skaters will love the Cameo by Jackson 1800 Vinyl Figure Skates, which are appropriate for CanSkate levels 1-4. If hockey is more their speed, the Bauer Vapor X250 Hockey Skate is an excellent beginner hockey skate that won’t break the bank.

Of course, organized sports aren’t for everyone. If your child simply wants to enjoy a pressure-free winter activity, sledding could be the answer. The Stiga GT Snowracer Curve is ideal for a single rider but can accommodate two as well. This aerodynamic sled offers loads of safety features, precise steering capabilities and will keep kids entertained for hours. The Yamaha Venom Snow Racer is another great option for budding ATV enthusiasts — again, just make sure proper headwear is worn at all times. With its spiky 3D mohawk and decal designs, the Raskullz Sticker Bomb Child Snow Helmet helps make winter safety flashy and fun, and is recommended for kids aged 5-8.

Teens (Ages 14-19)

Teen goes snowshoeing in snowshoe gear from Canadian Tire
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It can be hard to engage adolescents in outdoor activities when smartphones and tablets are so readily available — especially when the weather outside is frigid. That said, it’s certainly not an impossible task. Try suggesting a group ski trip or an afternoon of sledding. No matter what age you are, the sensation of sliding down a snowy hill on a sled or plastic saucer never gets old.

Teens who enjoy skateboarding in the summer might also be inclined to try the Shred Snow Skateboard. Unlike snowboarding, this snow skateboard is a low-cost and low-maintenance way to carve and practice tricks they can then test out on the ski hill. (The Airhead Sportsstuff Snow Rider Pro is a good entry-level snowboard for those looking to learn before hitting the slopes.)

Older kids may also enjoy a snowshoeing expedition. As they get older, teens are able to appreciate the serenity and quiet of nature more, and there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than snowshoeing your way through a scenic hiking trail. This Outbound Snowshoe is lightweight and easy to put on — making it the perfect starter snowshoe for a novice.

Winter isn’t always easy, but Canadians know how to make the best of it, and Canadian Tire is here to help. Whether you’re looking for tips on dealing with messy winter weather or fun outdoor activities to keep kids active, Canadian Tire has everything you need to Bring On Winter this year, so you can embrace all the fun and excitement the season has to offer.

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