Here Are The Funniest Tweets From This Weekend

For some reason, the best tweets always seem to happen on the weekend. Here are some funny ones that recently came across my timeline.

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Twitter: @Locwittati

Disney Channel / Twitter: @whyrev

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @hashjenni

Warner Bros. / Twitter: @celesitial

Touchstone Pictures / Twitter: @invis4yo

@gifpuppies / Twitter: @iDimitriusJones

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Twitter: @hashjenni

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Twitter: @floralsue

Twitter: @cryst6l

The Laughing Cow / Twitter: @erar97

Duolingo / Twitter: @Wheeema

Twitter: @kirawontmiss

FX / Twitter: @invis4yo

Twitter: @contactabrother

Twitter: @ilydari0z

VH1 / Twitter: @flwrchldtweets

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