Furious Pete reveals secrets behind before-and-after body transformations

Nadine Bells

When Peter Czerwinski was 16 years old, a battle with anorexia nearly took his life.

He’s now one of the world’s greatest competitive eaters.

And now Czerwinski, known as “Furious Pete,” is showing us the shocking secrets behind the before-and-after body transformations we see in diet ads. The major secret: take the “after” shot first.

“The first step…is to reverse the process. Go to the gym and do as many bicep curls, tricep push downs and chest presses,” he says. “Make sure you are as vascular as humanly possible.”

In the video below, Furious Pete takes a five-hour journey from fit-to-fat. All you need is a tanning booth, weights, oil, a little Photoshop, chips, carbonated drinks and chocolate milk.

Looks like Mom was right: Don’t believe everything you see.

there are no secrets for going in the opposite direction in the same amount of time.

Next time you see a diet ad or infomercial, remind yourself that a healthy lifestyle is the only makeover worth pursuing.

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