FYI: The Moon Phase You Were Born Under Says So Much About You

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FYI: Your Birthday Moon Knows *All*Getty/Margie Rischiotto

One of my favorite astrology tools to understand the kind of life—or destiny—we are going to experience is to look at the phase of the Moon on someone’s birthday. Learning more about the Moon phase you were born under can help you gain insight into your lifelong behaviors, relationships, cycles, and patterns. Plus, looking at the phase of the Moon on your birthday each year can tell you more about what to expect in the 12 months ahead.

What The Moon Phase You Were Born Under Says About You

First, how do you find the Moon phase on the date of your birth?

Good question! While you can always hire a professional astrologer like myself to take a deep dive into your birth chart with you, there are also many free resources that you can utilize to find out the exact Moon phase that was taking place when you were born, too. This handy-dandy birth chart calculator is mighty helpful! One thing to remember, though: being born in one Moon phase over another isn’t "good" or "bad." It just tells you more about the journey you’re on—and all Moon phases are beautiful!

What does it mean if I was born during a New Moon?

First off, if you were born under a New Moon, this means that in this lifetime, you were meant to experience many vast, wide, and beautiful journeys. Since New Moons symbolize new beginnings and times of growth, this entire lifetime is about that for you. Most of the time, people who are born on New Moons start one chapter and carry that for awhile, but then end up realizing that they have many other interests—or versions of themselves—that they want to explore. New Moon babies typically don’t have a hard time "starting over" often, whether that’s new relationships, new career paths, or new adventures!

What does it mean if I was born during a First Quarter Moon?

This is a delightful energy that means that you have staying power. You're very excited about personal growth and you want to build something of value. Oftentimes, people who are born during First Quarter Moons truly invest themselves in their long-term goals and plans, and they know that it might take awhile to get there—whether the plan involves love, career, or something else. These individuals may be excited about the raw potential of building something and then putting in what they have to get there.

What does it mean if I was born during a Full Moon?

Full Moon babies, you’ve been born into a big—and meaningful life! Oftentimes, individuals who are born during a Full Moon crave intensity, passion, and the spotlight. They are “all or nothing” individuals who hunger for new experiences, regardless if they're good or bad. However, these people often feel like they are pulled in two different directions in life—during a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. This means that although they have “go big or go home” energy, they will ultimately have to learn to synthesize their abilities, intellect, and plans for true fulfillment. Full Moon babies may go to extremes, but it’s their destiny to do so.

What does it mean if I was born during a Last Quarter Moon?

With this kind of energy woven into the fabric of your soul, you often crave synthesis, completion, and synergy. You will have many gifts and talents that you can utilize to pull things or people together, as you have a far greater wisdom and intuition than many other people. Since the Last Quarter Moon is all about reaching closure and release, you not only know how to go the long haul to reach a goal, but you also crave a sense of peace. You're able to tie up loose strings, see beyond what meets the eye, and know that life is a journey that provides beginnings, middles, and ends. This sense of higher knowing and great introspection often leads Last Quarter Moon babies to become profound thinkers and feelers.

What The Moon Phase On Your Birthday Says About Your Year Ahead

No matter who you are, you’ve wondered what your coming year has in store. What’re the main themes that’ll play out? Will it be a year of new beginnings, new faces, new love, new everything? Or will this be the year where all the hard work finally pays off? It’s all about the Moon. Specifically, what phase the Moon is in when you have your Solar Return.

What is a Solar Return?

Not an astrologer? NBD. A "Solar Return" is what astrologers and astrology-lovers call your birthday each year, because it is the moment that the Sun returns to the exact position in the sky as when you were born. But although the Sun returns to hang out in the same place every 12 months, the Moon is off doing its own thing—it’s in a different phase every year. By looking at what phase the Moon’s in on your b-day, you can get an idea of what your year ahead will be like. Not sure what your b-day Moon looks like? Check out a Moon phase calendar like this one or this one.

If your birthday falls on or near a New Moon…

The Basics

The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings, new endeavors, and new patterns. New Moons are a wonderful time to take a chance, ask out a crush, or start hunting for a job. Also, actions that are taken closer to a New Moon have more opportunity infused within them, so seize the day!

The Year Ahead

If your birthday falls on a New Moon or up to three days before or after it, your entire year is going to be full of new adventures and relationships. If you have a New Moon birthday, expect to add new friends (or lovers) to your life, get a new job, and make moves—physically, like a new apartment, or mentally, like you finally block your on-again, off-again ex. When your next b-day comes, you’ll look around and realize your entire life feels different, in the best way.

The Mood

New Moon birthday years are hopeful and fresh.

If your birthday falls on or near a First Quarter Moon…

The Basics

First Quarter Moons take place after a New Moon and before a Full Moon, when you can see about half the Moon from our POV here on Earth. This is when all the plans you made during the New Moon start to gain momentum, but there’s still a lot to do. So: You better werk.

The Year Ahead

You’re in “hustle mode” for the year. You’re going to be busy AF, but by the time your next b-day comes, those changes you made will have started paying off. Hard-earned results are on the horizon, bb!

The Mood

First Quarter Moon birthday years feel busy and are all about ~growth~.

If your birthday falls on or near a Full Moon…

The Basics

The Full Moon is a time of culmination, astrologically—aka this is when the “harvest” comes in (or you get a promotion at work, make your relationship IG official, win an Oscar…you get the idea). Full Moons bring endings, achievements, and breakthroughs and obvi make us emotional AF. People tend to get a bit more impulsive, intense, and passionate during Full Moons. Ya know, like werewolves. But super-accomplished ones. A-woo!

The Year Ahead

Having a birthday fall on or near a Full Moon is a mega blessing because it means that the coming year is going to be ~filled~ with major achievements. All the hard work you’ve done will finally pay off. Basically, start practicing your Oscars/Grammys/Employee of the Month acceptance speech stat. You’ll have a year filled with relationship milestones (like falling in love, getting engaged, moving in together, or adopting a pup)—or maybe relationship endings, if it’s not meant to be (#ThankYouNext). Expect big things at work, like a promotion and a raise. You might also see major life moments, like a graduation, marriage, or having a child. When you finish a Full Moon year, you’ll look back and think, W-O-W. You’ll also realize that you’ve tied things up in a nice little bow and you’re ready for your next ~phase~.

The Mood

This is the year you’re ~stepping into your light~, bb.

If your birthday falls on or near a Last Quarter Moon…

The Basics

The Last Quarter Moon occurs halfway between a Full Moon and a New Moon—basically, it’s the opposite of the First Quarter Moon. This is a time for closing chapters, releasing, and letting go as you prepare to ~start over~. Btw, your intuition is at an all-time high rn, so trust your gut.

The Year Ahead

This year is all about getting in touch with your spiritual side and recognizing your ~intuitive powers~. The universe is offering you messages about the past *and* the future. It’s up to you to figure out what to leave behind this year. You’ll still get some of the effects of the Full Moon, so you’ll see a “harvest” in your relationships and work life. You’ll also feel the need to rest, heal, and plan for the future, because change—the good kind—is right around the corner.

The Mood

This is a year for ~reflection~. You’ll be in your feels, shedding the past as you get ready to hit the reset button.

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