Gabrielle on her Brighton Pride 2024 setlist and LGBTQ+ fans: ‘I feel like we’re family’

Gabrielle against a pink backdrop
Gabrielle (Image: David Lopez)

Gabrielle, the iconic British singer known for hits including ‘Dreams’ and ‘Out of Reach’, is set to return to Brighton & Hove Pride this summer at FABULOSO in the Park, held Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August.

With a career spanning more than three decades, the supremely talented Hackney native has won audiences worldwide, but she’s always maintained a strong connection with the LGBTQ+ community.

Gabrielle will be joining the likes of Girls Aloud and Mika for this year’s FABULOSO in the Park fundraiser between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August.

Joining them on the Brighton & Hove Pride FABULOSO main stage will also be Billy PorterSophie Ellis-Bextor, and S Club, in the two-day event in Brighton’s Preston Park.

As she prepares for her performance at the UK’s most prominent Pride celebration, in this exclusive chat with Attitude, the diva and LGBTQ+ ally reflects on the unique atmosphere that makes these performances so memorable, as well as her favourite places to visit in Brighton and Hove.

What are you looking forward to most at Brighton Pride this year?

Every time I do Pride, the audience is electrifying. The electricity that’s there and the people just being themselves, and I get to be a part of it. It’s a party time, and I love the idea of being on stage and performing and singing my songs and having that wonderful engagement from the audience — everything about it is phenomenal. And I love seeing what people are wearing!

After you perform, do you plan to do a bit of partying as well?

I hope I’ll get to stay behind for a little while and be a part of it. As you can tell, I’ve got more rabbit in me than Sainsbury’s, so you’ll have to take me away because if I have a show the next day, I guarantee you I’ll have no voice.

Which acts are you looking forward to seeing at FABULOSO in the Park?

It’s just going to be fun because they are all such camp artists that I love and their whole vibe is incredible. S Club, Mika and Girls Aloud? Just don’t let me storm the stage — I’ll be dancing along with them in my high heels!

Why do you think LGBTQ+ people resonate with you?

When I first came out on the music scene, I was out there not looking like anybody else. And it’s just about being able to be yourself, isn’t it? And I’m so unashamed as me, and I think that being able to be yourself and be out and be proud is magnificent. I haven’t worn my eye patch for years, but I’m still doing my thing, covering my eye and being myself. I feel like we’re family and I love that people embrace me for my difference, and I feel that the community allows you to be accepted for your differences and to be just who you are. I’m forever eternally grateful.

Will the iconic eye patch be making a reappearance someday?

Watch this space…

Can you share anything about your setlist?

I’m always guaranteed to never leave the hits behind, but just know I always make some room for the newest ones, and the fact that I’ve got a new album [A Place in Your Heart] out guarantees I’ll have some of the new songs on there. I suggest everyone go and have a little listen of the new album because I’m going to be putting a couple of new songs from that album into the set, and hopefully people get to have a little bit of a jam along with me on that stage. Just come along and just have fun — that’s what it’s all about for me.

What does Pride mean to you?

We need Pride. It needs to be a continuous celebration, you know? It’s a safe place to be yourself, to enjoy the music, to be who you are and just to revel in that moment. Brighton Pride is a place where people can safely come together and just have a lot of fun. It’s beautiful, it’s a plethora of loveliness and amazingness, and that’s why we need to continue to have it — and I need to continue to be invited!

What are your favourite spots in Brighton?

I love a walk around the Lanes. And obviously the beach and pier are amazing. They’ve got wonderful fish and chips. I don’t know where any of the gyms are, but anything to do with food, I’m there!

Fancy seeing Gabrielle at Brighton Pride? Tickets are on sale for FABULOSO in the Park right now by clicking here.

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