Gen Z kids are recording their moms’ real-time reactions to ‘Saltburn’ and it’s TikTok gold

Moms reacting to 'Saltburn' collage

While ‘Saltburn’—the much-talked-about drama currently enjoying the awards season rounds—has been out since November, it’s only been available to stream for less than a month. And that means a lot of people have been able to enjoy the film from the comfort of their own homes, like these moms who had their real-time ‘Saltburn’ reactions recorded by their Gen Z and millennial kids.

[Warning: light spoilers ahead.]

If you haven’t watched the movie yet (or have no desire to), that’s totally understandable. But chances are, many of you have at least heard something about it. Like…something about a bathtub scene, perhaps? Or maybe even a certain… cemetery scene?

Some quick background: ‘Saltburn’ is set in the mid-2000s and it follows Oliver, an Oxford student who comes from a low-income family, and his obsession with his rich classmate, Felix. Felix invites Oliver to his family’s summer estate, and that’s when things get a little…weird (total understatement).

Basically, the movie is completely unhinged. That, coupled with leading man Jacob Elordi, is probably why so many Gen Z-ers can’t get enough of it. Their moms, however, well…let’s just say they might not have the chops to sit through such a film.

This mom’s reaction has over 7 million views, and it’s amazing.

Even Kat Stickler (who made her mom TikTok famous thanks to her spot-on impressions) got in on the trend. Sorry to Kat’s mom.

This Irish mama couldn’t even sit through the entire scene, calling the supporting actor Barry Keoghan a “sick bas—-.”

This mom is ALL OF US, truly.

Who says ‘Saltburn’ exists just to make the moms uncomfortable? Here’s an entire family getting in on the action! Bless the unsuspecting family members who probably thought they were in for a normal family movie, lol.

If these reactions have convinced you to pop some popcorn and settle in with some ‘Saltburn’ for the night, well, godspeed. If you now know you want nothing to do with it, you’re also not alone there.

One thing we can all probably agree on: the acting is top-tier!