Get ready to believe in love! Couple recreates photo from 1993

These parents are giving the Twitterverse a new standard for “relationship goals.” Their daughter, Jouri Johnson, shared a side-by-side photo of her mom and dad 25 years ago with a present-day version. Rummaging through their closet, Kim and Jeff Johnson were able to find the same outfits they wore in 1993 — even the same necklaces. One important added detail to the recent pic, though, is Kim’s engagement ring and wedding band.

Photo: Jouri Johnson
Photo: Jouri Johnson

Jouri tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “The idea came about because my mom had just gotten a haircut and my dad said ‘Hey! You look like you did back when we started dating!’ Then he started to go through their old pictures.” Ultimately, they decided to recreate this one:

The adorable post quickly went viral. It garnered more than 166,000 likes and 31,000 comments (at the time of this story.) Commenters couldn’t help but notice how little the couple has aged.

The Alabama couple met when they were in college. Kim was attending the University of Alabama and Jeff was a student at Jacksonville State. Kim went on a road trip and a mutual friend introduced them. They ran into each other the following weekend and have been inseparable ever since.

They’ve been together for 25 years. The couple has three children, Jouri, 20, Jaden, 16, and Jayme, 10.

Photo: Jouri Johnson
Photo: Jouri Johnson

“We met in March and we got married in March. It’s our month,” the couple tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Life has definitely happened to us. There’s been mountains and valleys — good times, sad times, bad times but we’re still standing because the positive always surpasses the negative and we never allow ourselves to forget that. We’ve got each others’ backs — for better or for worse. And mostly, we trust God and His plan for us.”

Photo: Jouri Johnson
Photo: Jouri Johnson

Their love story becomes even sweeter when you learn that the couple are both educators. Kim teaches in a junior high and Jeff is an elementary school principal.

Jouri’s simple gesture of sharing the photo online has brought unexpected internet fame for their story; they even get recognized locally by strangers.

“There were no grand gestures for our anniversary this year, we had coffee and breakfast over the morning news and got to wait patiently on the couch together for the cable guy,” the couple told us. “It was not until our crazy daughter presented THE grand gesture and posted that crazy picture on Twitter and we went viral!”

“It’s so cool and crazy at the same time.”

Some people were eager to know Kim’s secret for looking so young. She says it includes staying well hydrated and simply having good genes.

Jouri even included product pictures.

To those who ask about the secret of their long-lasting marriage, Jouri says, “They act like they’re friends and they’re silly and still think they are still cool. They aren’t perfect and they argue and get mad like all couples but they always just decide that they’re in it for the long haul and nothing is bigger than that. Plus, they are adamant about their Christian faith.”

The Johnsons have inspired others to share their own then-and-now love photos too:

Like this couple who reenacted their wedding day photo from 25 years ago.

Or this couple, who celebrated their 60th anniversary recently.

The Johnsons add: “Time together and with our kids is our happy place. We really do love each other more in 2018 than in 1993.”

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