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‘Get the best sleep ever’: This nighttime remedy has over 6,000 reviewers resting easier — and it's on sale

It's always a great time to focus on improving your sleep health. A good night's sleep is crucial to your overall well-being, but some nights it's harder to conk out than others. For those times, plenty of people turn to sleep aids. There is a wide range of sleep inducers, from prescription pills to special tonics, but an army of Amazon fans swears by one all-natural helper in particular: Mary Ruth Organics Liquid Nighttime Multimineral Natural Sleep Aid. This isn't a pill or pharmaceutical tonic: It's a drink packed with vitamins and minerals that you sip when you're ready to go nighty-night, and it's on sale for $45 at Amazon, down from $50.

This elixir contains an array of all-natural vitamins and minerals — calcium, magnesium, zinc and more — that are linked to good sleep quality. Plus it's vegan and sugar-free.

$45 at Amazon
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You can't put a price on good sleep, but saving on snagging some quality zzz's? Well, that feels almost as delightful as a full night's rest! At $45 now (down from $50) for a 32-ounce bottle of the Mary Ruth Organics Liquid Nighttime Multimineral Natural Sleep Aid, you'll be paying less than $1.50 per serving (one ounce). That's more than a month of satisfying snoozes!

There's so much to love about this natural sleep aid. For starters, it's crafted with vitamins and minerals that are linked with good sleep. It features 715 milligrams of calcium citrate and 938 milligrams of magnesium citrate. Research has shown that both are helpful for combating insomnia.

Other helpful, health-promoting ingredients are in the mix too, including zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium and manganese.

Besides being a great option for people who try to avoid medication, the supplement is also suited for anyone who has difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. Simply drink one ounce of the drink before bed (choose from pineapple, lemonade and cranberry flavors).

liquid sleep aid bottles in lemonade flavor, pineapple flavor and cranberry flavor
This liquid supplement is a good alternative to swallowing a vitamin. (Amazon)

More than 6,000 reviewers rave about how well this supplement drink works.

"Better sleep the first night," raved one five-star fan. "No hard-to-swallow pills and NO melatonin! The multimineral is liquid, it’s easier to measure the proper amount and can be used for the whole family. This multimineral contains multiple vitamins and minerals your body needs to support normal sleep regulation, healthy stress levels and relaxation."

One convert called it a "life changer." They added, "I take these minerals about 20 to 30 minutes before I’m ready to go to bed, and by that time I feel extremely relaxed. Before purchasing this product I would stay up watching TV or reading way past 'bedtime' because I could not quiet my mind enough to rest. Not only that, but I would get up often throughout the night to use the restroom or simply wake up to toss and turn. Then I would wake up for work — hit snooze three times — and then feel tired all day until it was time to repeat. Now, I wake up refreshed."

Another verified shopper who gave Mary Ruth's a five-star review said they now "get the best sleep ever" with this aid. "Normally I wake and can't get back to sleep, not with this!" they continued. "When I take it just before bed, I feel more relaxed with a tranquil calmness that takes over from the long day's fast pace. It's a wonderful feeling just before bed, which is lovely."

Some reviewers simply can't believe the difference: "I was truly vitamin and mineral deficient. Wasn't sleeping well. Didn't feel well. Now I'm feeling and sleeping great. I added to my sub and save," marveled one.

Just like any supplement, this liquid sleep blend may not work for everyone. "I did not feel like it helped me sleep better," confessed one user. "In fact, I tossed and turned more than normal for the first five days I used it, so maybe it required more time to adjust — but I was too exhausted to continue trying."

Some reviewers also note a more medicinal taste: "It tasted like medicine and I dread taking it each night BUT it does work," said one. "[I'll be] trying the lemonade; I am hoping that flavor is better than the cranberry."

Choose from several delicious flavors. Just sip before bedtime!

$45 at Amazon
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$45 at Vitacost

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For a morning boost, consider this majorly marked-down multi, formulated to enhance energy, immunity and more! The wildly popular choice is celebrated by 24,000+ five-star fans.

"The vitamins have been awesome for our family, especially since my son cannot have regular vitamins with his braces," raved one reviewer. "I get a burst of energy after taking it."

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