Even If You Don't Have A Baby, This Dad's Hilarious Crash Course On How To Care For One Will Be The Highlight Of Your Day

A man named Ricky Bee became a first-time father to his daughter Laguna four months ago...

And, as every new parent does, he had to learn the basics. However, when he decided to document and share his tips on TikTok, millions of people took notice:

"This is for all you new daddies. If you are about to be a dad or you are a dad, and you don't know how to swaddle, your baby is gonna keep your ass up all night. So, I'm gonna teach you how to swaddle," he starts in one of his viral TikToks that has over 14 million views.

he's holding his baby before she's in her swaddle

"You're going to lay your baby down and you're going to trap her in — you're going to kind of feel like you're committing a crime but you're not..."

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

"You're going to come across and tuck her — look she's already locked in. She can't do shit. Then I'm going to come up with the bottom (of the blanket) around the other shoulder and I'm going to tuck that shoulder," he continues in his TikTok.

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

"Now, she's lookin' kind of confused, like, 'Wow are you really doing this to me?' But, look at her. She's happy. This is the hospital blanket and it works the best. Then, you go buy one of these pre-made swaddles for the people who don't know how to swaddle."

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

Ricky then puts an already swaddled Laguna in the premade swaddle, calling it the "clean-up swaddle" to "clean up his fine lines like an artist." He ends his video by noting that his swaddling technique was approved by every nurse he's ever met.

he's holding his swaddled baby

His swaddle explainer was called "phenomenal" by a labor nurse, so you know it's good!

As a labor nurse you did a phenomenal. It's true a good swaddle will keep em knocked out

Another one of Ricky's videos — where he shows different ways to hold a baby — has gone even more viral, with nearly 20 million views:

His holding methods in this video are for babies three months and up because Ricky says "they need certain controls."

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

"We're just gonna sit 'em in the hand. She's chillin'. Then we are gonna back her up into the corner, hand grabs feet. That's all the support she needs," he says in his video.

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

Ricky refers to that baby hold as "The Floating Chair." Right now he says it is Laguna's favorite because "she gets to interact and see everything while feeling the security of daddy." 🥹

he holds her against him while she gets to look at everything

Next, Ricky gets right into "The Arm Bar" hold.

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

This one is pretty simple, too. You sit down with the baby on your leg, facing away from you, and put their hand over your forearm. Ricky then explains, "Hit her with the leg bounce while you tap (her back)."

  @2bee.daddy / tiktok.com

Laguna loves the arm bar, according to Ricky — he also calls it "The Koala."

the baby sitting on his leg

BuzzFeed spoke with Ricky who said he didn't have a dad growing up so he's now getting to discover how beautiful fatherhood is for himself. "I just loved her so much I couldn’t help myself but share the videos. It’s like finding the perfect vacation spot and wanting to bring all your friends. When you come upon gold you want to share the riches."

As a first-time dad, Ricky said what shocked him the most was that being a parent isn't about having to change everything. "Your child isn’t put here to tell you what to do or vice versa. They’re a human, too, one that you get to meet and fall in love with. As you meet and fall in love with your new person every day, you learn and appreciate them, and y’all compromise, care, and adjust for one another. No one is more innocent and forgiving at the same time than your newborn," he shared.

And Ricky admits being a father has been all trial and error for him. "I meet and adjust to Laguna — and she does the same for me — and once we find something that works for us, I share it to see if I can help someone else."

All in all, Ricky says his account is all about sharing one of the most rewarding things in the world to him: his daughter.

If you want to see more of Ricky and Laguna's tutorials, be sure to follow them on Instagram and TikTok!