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Meet the mood ring of makeup: The magic Givenchy lipstick that 'turns into the perfect shade for your lips' is finally back in stock!

Lipstick can't possibly be one shade fits all — after all, how can you know what color will flatter each person's skin tone? But now that's all changed, thanks to the Givenchy's bestselling Rouge Interdit Temptation Black Magic Lipstick, which rolls on to reveal the perfect color for every wearer based on her unique pH level and skin tone. Because it ships from France, Givenchy Rouge Interdit Temptation Black Magic Lipstick has been hard to come by in the U.S. and is often sold out. But, we have good news: QVC has the magical product in stock right now for $34. So, here's your chance: Get it in your cart before it disappears again!

This high-shine lipstick magically transforms your lips into a custom berry shade.
$34 at QVC

More good news: If you're a first-time QVC shopper, you can score $10 off with code SURPRISE. Don't want to pay it all in one go? QVC offers you the option of three Easy Pay installments of $11.33.

Temptation Black Magic lipstick appears to be black in the tube, but once it's swiped on the lips it will become the perfect tone — anything from pale pink to toasty tan to berry red and beyond. This lipstick knows a woman better than she knows herself! Think of it as the mood ring of makeup. Don't believe us? Watch the product in action here.

The cosmetic is coveted for its ability to bring out the hue that’s truly you, but that’s not all that makes it your pout’s secret weapon. The chameleonic lipstick is imbued with all-natural, ultra-hydrating rose hip oil for plumpness and shine — no stickiness in sight. That’s why the company boasts that it’s “a lip treatment in lipstick form.”

Plus, it’s buildable, so the more you apply, the deeper the color gets. It’s something of a surprise every single time — but it always looks great!

black givenchy lipstick
This Givenchy lipstick starts black but transforms into your dream color. (Photo: QVC)

You could almost call Givenchy Rouge Interdit Temptation Black Magic Lipstick 'smart makeup.' It may not have an internal GPS, but it knows which color works best with your complexion by instinct. It’ll easily become your go-to, go-anywhere tube — and you might want to grab a few more tubes to keep in your purse and even your glove compartment. You never know when you need to look your best...or when this will sell out.

"This is the very best lipstick I have ever owned! It is rich and creamy, gliding on smoothly without pulling on my lips, or caking. It is light and luscious to wear, not greasy," said one verified shopper. "The color is perfect for my skin tones... not too bright, orange, red, or pink; a perfect mauve on me. It is not my grandmother's color-changing lipstick. This lipstick is worth every penny and I will be buying it again, and again!"

No matter your age, race, ethnicity or skin tone, Givenchy Rouge Interdit Temptation Black Magic Lipstick has you covered. So go ahead and give this luxurious, juicy tube a whirl — and give boring, dried-out, cracked lips the pink slip.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Temptation Black Magic Lipstick is flying off the virtual shelves, so buy one (or more!) before it's too late. Your custom color awaits.

This high-shine lipstick transforms your lips like magic into a custom berry shade.
$34 at QVC

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