Goodbye thigh gap: Why this blogger is embracing her 'mermaid thighs'

Body-positive blogger Kenzie Brenna is exploring a controversial body trend: the thigh gap — or in this case, the lack thereof.

With summer edging closer, the Toronto native wants to remind women that they don’t need to slim down or shape up to achieve perfect summer bodies, because “mermaid thighs” (thighs that touch) should be celebrated, too.

“You’re allowed to have knocked knees and big thighs,” she wrote in an Instagram post that has since been seen by thousands.

“You’re allowed to not fit into the status quo,” she said.

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In the post, Brenna reflects upon times she wished she were slimmer. “I wanted to take up less space in the world and I wanted to be thin in the right spots.”

That was until she wised up to the unrealistic body standards in diet culture.

“Turns out my body isn’t made out of plastic parts and I couldn’t transfer fat from my thighs to my boobs or ass (at least not without a lot of money and time),” she wrote.

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The post struck a chord with many, some who took the time share their gratitude and add their thoughts.

“I have wasted too much life worrying instead of enjoying. Life’s too short and hard enough without stressing over stuff that makes no difference to my value or purpose. Keep speaking truth,” replied one follower.

“Needed this today, thank you! I have big, strong legs and most days I love them, but some days I need reminders so thank you,” said another.

Thanks to bloggers like Brenna, more women are ditching unrealistic body goals for an improved self-image without the need for weight-loss.

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