Gordon Ramsay’s Baby Boy Is All Grown Up & Looks EXACTLY Like Him

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Gordon Ramsay's Son Looks Just Like HimSteve Jennings

Gordon Ramsay's son Oscar may have just turned four, but the physical similarities between him and his father are already uncanny.

Of Gordon's five children with his wife Cayetana “Tana” Ramsay, little Oscar is the youngest, and we can only imagine how much fun he's had with his dad over the past few years.

Not only does Oscar look just like his celebrity chef father, but he may have picked up on some other traits as well. An Instagram account for Oscar, which is run by his sisters Tilly and Holly, shows one photo of the four-year-old glaring into the refrigerator for a potential snack. The hilarious caption for the photo reads, "Always looking for food."

Another Instagram photo reveals that Oscar is a fan of collecting whisks. We can't help but wonder if Gordon already has him hard at work perfecting his scrambled eggs recipe.

The father-son pair also share an appreciation for the great outdoors. A post Gordon shared earlier in the week shows him and Oscar goofing off together on a soccer field. Although the two certainly got a good laugh out of their time together, Gordon recently spoke on the importance of keeping his children active and outside.

"It's all about the camps you put them in and the way they mingle and keep them active rather than some game on a screen," he shared with ET. "They need to be active, especially at four. I just got off a flight and two minutes later I'm running around a bloody pitch looking for a football."

We love to see it!

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