Gordon Ramsay’s Wagyu Burger Requires a Lot of Butter, and It’s Freaking Out the Internet

Gordon Ramsay had a blunt response to social media users who criticized a recent burger video he posted to social media.

In the Instagram video, the renowned chef demonstrates how to make an Australian Wagyu Burger with cheese. While the burger is made with perhaps the most delicious beef in the world, social media users weren’t talking about the meat; they had an issue with how much butter Ramsay used in preparing the burger. The video shows the chef heating up onions with butter, cooking the burger with butter while lapping it back onto the burger, dipping the bun in butter, and frying an egg with—you guessed it—more butter. It didn’t help his case that when he eventually took a bite out of his creation, it began gushing liquids.

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“Think you forgot to add butter,” one user wrote. “Do we really need 5 kilos of butter?” another chimed in. “Just had a heart attack watching that,” a third wrote. Shockingly, Ramsay didn’t immediately respond to Robb Report’s request for comment on the nontroversy.

It’s another example of commenters delighting in turning the tables and dishing out some insults to the profane chef who’s known for delivering cutting remarks about other people’s cooking. Of course, there was the incident a few years back where he made pad Thai for a Thai chef and was met with a stinging rebuke, which the internet couldn’t get enough of.

The 56-year-old chef had just completed a three-day residency at fine dining expert Matt Moran’s restaurant Aria on Sydney Harbour, according to the Daily Mail. During his stay, the chef offered guests a $495-per-person menu of signature Restaurant Gordon Ramsay dishes (no, a burger wasn’t on the menu).

He told the tabloid that he hadn’t had time to look at the responses to his video, but he did have a something to say to his detractors: “I’d like to take this moment to apologize for absolutely f*** all.”

Ramsay said he was catching a plane following the residency. “I’ll start crying on the way home tonight on that flight,” he said.

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