Company offers unconventional solution to sell ghost-plagued homes

I will never own property because I am a millennial and I have spent my entire rent budget on avocado products more than once, but I am extremely grateful that I now know what a big role ghosts play in the housing market.

According to research conducted by, 55 percent of 5,000 surveyed Americans believe in ghosts or spirits — and 36 percent claim to have had a paranormal encounter in their lifetime.

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If those encounters just so happened to occur in a house that’s up for sale, that is a huge bummer, because 61 percent of that group also said they would not buy a house they thought was haunted. Internal data from suggests that property stays on the market 133 days longer if there are reports of any paranormal activity there.

Luckily, the national real estate company offered a solution. If you suspect there’s a ghost in your midst, you can register for a virtual visit from your very own “home exorcist” here.

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The so-called exorcist, who a spokesperson for the company described to In The Know as “a psychic medium with 23 years’ experience in the profession,” will provide a video consolation to assess the situation and give homeowners advice on how to “cleanse” the space of supernatural entities before putting their house on the market.

Recommendations may include prayer, the repositioning of objects, lighting incense and more. However, the website guarantees each case will “be judged individually and will be provided with a bespoke solution.”

I tried reaching out to the home exorcist for an interview, but a spokesperson for the company told me he was “unfortunately a little on the shy side” — meaning this man is willing to contend with paranormal energies and restless spirits, but too afraid to talk to me, a mortal journalist.

No matter, I’m sure he’s seen a lot of things.

If this concept seems a bit familiar to you, you’re not alone. It immediately reminded me of a 2014 episode of “Nathan for You,” a Comedy Central reality show in which a comedian helped struggling small business owners come up with unconventional strategies to spice up their businesses.

In “The Ghost Realtor,” host Nathan Fielder suggests that an L.A. real estate agent set herself apart from the other 6,000 agents in the city by promising her clients that all the homes she sells are guaranteed ghost-free.

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central

She worked with a professional psychic medium to verify that each room of the house was free of any harsh spirits before advertising it to customers.

The medium claimed to find a paranormal entity in one of the homes, so they hired an exorcist to cast the spirit out. Not a “home exorcist,” per se, but it’s a similar concept.

Credit: Comedy Central
Credit: Comedy Central

I’m not saying that is copying “Nathan for You” in any way — just that there has clearly been a market for this idea for the past six years, so it’s nice to see it become a reality.

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