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Govee smart lights are up to 35 percent off right now

The sale includes a record low price on our favorite floor lamp.


Govee smart lights and fixtures are up to 35 percent off right now, as part of a far-reaching sale on Amazon. The deals include all of the smart bulbs, LED strips and flood lights you can shake a stick at, but perhaps the most notable item is the Govee Floor Lamp Pro. It’s on sale for $200 via a clippable coupon, which is a discount of $20.

Make sure to clip the coupon for $20 off. 

$200 at Amazon

This floor lamp easily made our list of the best smart LED light bulbs, despite being much more than a simple bulb. The Floor Lamp Pro is a slickly-designed lighting fixture that’s over two feet tall and displays multiple colors at once. The diverse array of hues on offer make it a great choice for simply lighting up a room or making sure you look alright during a Zoom meeting.

The fixture includes a Bluetooth speaker at the base, to allow for the occasional music-based light show. The speaker can even play a wide variety of white noise types for sleeping or meditating. I'm a white noise addict at all times of the day. Being a modern smart lamp, it also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The only bad thing to say about the Floor Lamp Pro is the exorbitant price, which typically clocks in at $220. Dropping it down to $200 doesn’t make it an impulse buy, but it's at least a bit more palatable.

You can also pick up some nifty LED light strips for $80, which knocks 20 percent off the asking price. These offer Matter support and can be strung together to create the light show of your dreams.

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