Grammy Winner Victoria Monét Is Sharing Full-Circle Moments With Beyoncé and Taylor Swift


Life really is sweet. Following her big wins at the 2024 Grammy Awards, Victoria Monét is sharing some full-circle moments from music's biggest night.

Out of seven nominations, the 34-year-old singer took home three gramophones on February 4, including best R&B album and best engineered album (nonclassical) for Jaguar II, as well as the highly coveted best new artist award.

“This award was a 15-year pursuit,” Monét said in her emotional acceptance speech. “I moved to LA in 2009, and I like to liken myself to a plant, who was planted and you can look at the music industry as soil. It can be looked at as dirty or it can be looked at as a source of nutrients and water. My roots have been growing underneath ground, unseen for so long. I feel like today, I’m sprouting, finally above ground.”

A few days later Monét is reflecting on another memorable moment from music’s biggest night—a run-in with four-time album of the year winner Taylor Swift.

“Life is sweet,” Monét wrote on, alongside a photo with Swift, music producer Jack Antonoff, and recording engineer Laura Sisk.

While touching, the moment feels even more “sweet” when you notice she posted the image in response to a previous tweet from May 2012. “I love Taylor Swift!!!” Monét wrote nearly 12 years ago.

Of course, Taylor Swift wasn’t the only superstar to get a shoutout from Victoria Monét. Earlier this week the “On My Mama” singer shared an emotional tribute to the one and only Beyoncé, whom she met at the awards show on February 4.

“Dear @Beyonce, my queen my idol my inspiration,” Monét began her Instagram post dedicated to the 29-time Grammy-winner. “I was extremely nervous to come say hello to you I swear I’m usually not even the type to have the courage, but as soon as we spoke I felt a calm over me. It felt like home.”

Monét went on to praise Beyoncés legacy as a performer as well as a mother. “The way you have gracefully balanced motherhood and world domination is to be studied,” Monét wrote to Beyoncé. “The vulnerable display of this balance in your films and in real time have helped me crawl out of postpartum and in a lot of ways saved my mind’s life.” Monét welcomed her own daughter, Hazel Monét Gaines, in February 2021, and the two-year-old is now the Grammy's youngest nominee to date.

Monét concluded, “You’re the fuckin best!!! I know I am your billionth self proclaimed biggest fan but there’s a lot of bees in this hive and the honey is endless!! 🍯 Thank you for your beauty and grace and legacy that continues opening doors for so many of us black girls, and for taking the time to speak to me on the biggest day of my career. You’ve really been here all along! 🤎”

I’m not crying, Beyoncé’s mom is!

“You brought tears to my eyes with this beautiful letter,” Tina Knowles replied to the post. “You remind me of a young adoring Beyoncé with Tina Turner and My Kelly with Whitney. Not jaded, paying homage to someone that has inspired you. It takes a beautiful humble heart to do this and it is a testament to you as a person and as an artist! May God Bless you and your Career. Ps They sang your song at my birthday party! We love it!!! Congratulations on your Grammy it's only the beginning ❤️.”

Okay, maybe I’m crying too.

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