Grandma crochets fully stocked fridge for her granddaughter

This grandmother crocheted an epic fully stocked refrigerator for her granddaughter, and it’s so charming that viewers are asking for crochet lessons.

Who needs a wand when you can make just as much magic with a crochet hook? Just ask TikToker and parent Zoe Barcott (@zoebarcott), whose mom crocheted an entire play refrigerator fully stocked with an assortment of knit groceries for her daughter, and the creatively crafted toy has viewers hooked on developing their crochet skills.

The clip opens with a shot of Barcott showing off one of her crochet creations. The text “Me being so proud of something I made” appears over footage of Barcott modeling her gorgeous homemade black cardigan with blue, orange, and yellow patchwork details.

While Barcott’s sweater is undoubtedly well crafted, she’s quick to point out in the additional on-screen text that her crochet skills are unparalleled to her mother’s, evidenced in the following shot of the mini blue crocheted refrigerator she made for her granddaughter.

Barcott takes hold of the handle and opens the box to reveal a wonderland of crochet shelves and containers fully stocked with crocheted fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, butter, condiments, sodas, and desserts.

Viewers’ jaws dropped over the adorable assortment of woven produce.

“Great, now I want to crochet with [zero] skills [needed],” one user joked.

“I’ve never wanted to crochet until right now,” agreed one TikToker.

While the crochet fridge and groceries were definitely a hit, viewers had no cro-shade for Barcott’s sweater and found it equally striking.

“You got the crochet genes! Omg,” one user complimented.

“The cardigan is SO GORGEOUS! I need to learn to crochet now to make my own, I guess,” mentioned one viewer.

“Your mom is extra, and I’m here for it, but I’m loving that cardigan,” one TikToker commented.

Considering how well she made her sweater, it won’t be long before Barcott’s crochet skills match her mother’s.

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