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Grandpa uses Peppa Pig toys to makes adorable movies for granddaughter while on vacation

This grandpa made a movie for his granddaughter while on vacation using her favorite toys as characters!

Tanya (@lifeoftanyamarie) is a TikToker who shared the sweetest story about the relationship between her dad and his granddaughter, who is her niece! On a recent family vacation, Tanya caught her dad making a “movie” for his granddaughter. The “movie” starred the granddaughter’s Peppa Pig toys, and featured them going on a range of adorable adventures!

“So you guys wanna see the sweetest thing?” Tanya asks as the video begins. “So my niece took her favorite toys and packed them into my dad’s luggage. He has been making this story of all their adventures for her and he’s gonna play it for her when he gets back.”

Tanya’s dad stands in front of a swimming pool and carefully places his granddaughter’s Peppa Pig toys into it. He pretends the toys are “swimming” as he records them floating away from him.

Then, Tanya’s dad places the toys on a towel to dry off. “After some time in the pool, now we’re going to sunbathe while we dry off,” he says.

Tanya’s dad records scenes for his granddaughter everywhere he goes. In the next shot, Tanya shows him at dinner, recording the toys as they “eat” their meal. “We are having a fancy meal here,” the filmmaker narrates. “We better be on our best behavior.”

Not only does Tanya’s dad record scenes of the toys everywhere he goes, but he even plans out scenes in advance! During dinner, the diligent grandfather discusses his plans to film a scene at the beach later. “I can’t wait to go down on the beach later with them,” he tells his family. “I’ll bring them out there and bring a little napkin and lay them down.”

The video ends with Tanya’s dad recording the toys as they head to the resort. The creative grandfather even adds some pretty fancy cinematography. “Peppa and George are leaving the Airbnb and going to the resort,” he says as he films the toys sitting on a rock.

Then, he stands up and begins walking backwards. “Pan out, pan out,” he says, explaining his goal for the shot.

“Pan out?” Tanya says, laughing at her dad’s dedication to the movie. “I’m dying!”

Viewers applauded the dedicated grandpa!

“What an amazing grandpa!” one viewer wrote.

“I want to see the movie he made for the kiddos. Just precious,” commented another viewer.

“He is such a treasure,” wrote another TikToker.

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