There’s a ‘Great Chance’ Travis Kelce Will Fly to Melbourne to See Taylor Swift’s Concert

February is a very busy month for Taylor Swift, who is starting her international Eras Tour leg in Japan this week. Boyfriend Travis Kelce is going to the Super Bowl LVIII with his team the Kansas City Chiefs on February 11, which Swift is likely to attend. And then, the singer has to be in Australia on February 16, beginning her tour there in Melbourne.

Swift has been flying back-and-forth a lot to catch Kelce's games, but he's reportedly about to pick up some of the travel slack and join her Down Under. A source told the Daily Mail that there was “a great chance” of Kelce being in Melbourne when Swift takes the stage there.

Of course, plans might be determined by who wins the big game. Australian NFL expert Jaymz Clements told Herald Sun that celebrations for the winner could go on for a while.

“Typically you'll see two to three days of hardcore partying,” he said. “With this Super Bowl already in Vegas, the party is right there on their doorstop, so it'd be no surprise if the Chiefs party extremely hearty for at least two days.”

On Friday, February 2, Travis Kelce said at a press conference that having his girlfriend attend so many games has been a big motivator for him. After the Kansas City Chiefs' win at the AFC Championship, Swift was seen running onto the field to embrace him and share a kiss.

“It’s another memory in the journey that we get to cherish,” Kelce said of the moment. “I’m fortunate I got all the support I need off the field.”

He added that her support and the support of his family gives him “a reason to play that much harder” in the big game.

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