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'Great for my allergies and the heat': This cooling Dyson purifier is $130 off — plus other incredible deals today

Beautiful slow cooker, Dyson purifier fan, Ekouaer swim coverup
Brace yourself: These savings from Dyson and other fan favorites will blow you away. (Walmart, Amazon)

Wake up and smell the savings! We've narrowed down the best deals worth shopping now. The whole summer is ahead of us, and we've got the goods to help you enjoy it. Today, this seriously cool Dyson air purifier that doubles as a fan is down to $299 (from $430). Other summery steals include a breezy beach coverup you'll live in all season for $27 (was $46) and this No. 1 bestselling Thermacell mosquito-repelling gadget for just $30. Clean up with this $99 iHome robot vacuum, and revamp your cookware with this wildly popular Beautiful by Drew Barrymore slow cooker for $50. Plus, check out these premium Bose noise-cancelling headphones (now $100 off) and an exciting $20 alternative. Keep scrolling and get your summer shopping on!

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If the sunbeams shining through your living room window tend to be more frightful (so hot, so much dust revealed) than delightful, it's time to refresh your space. Dyson created an air purifier/fan that's up to the task, and it's a cool $130 off! Armed with HEPA H13 filtration, this dynamo traps dust, allergens, smoke, foul smells and more, analyzes it and blows the purified air back into the room, cooling things down as it cleanses. The filter is a breeze to change and a simple remote is included.

"Fantastic, worth every penny," wrote an impressed reviewer with asthma and pets. "Air circulation, airflow as well as proper filtration is absolutely essential. I also live in California which deals with fires from time to time, so it's very important to have a high-quality filter. ... This product exceeds absolutely everything I was looking for. It even lets you know what type of substances it is filtering with its active air purification system."

Another "very satisfied" fan wrote: "I don’t have to run my air conditioning units as much because the fan on the TP07 keeps me cool even though it is just a fan. The app is very useful. I have been using the fan daily and the air quality in my home has improved. ... My home smells fresh and clean. The filter was easy to install. On the app, you can change the airflow direction and precisely point the fan in any direction."

"I am experiencing night sweats and hot flashes (yep), which is the main reason I researched this product, and I can say it works great for both my allergies and heat," said a final shopper.

$408 at Amazon
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$430 at HSN$430 at Wayfair

Disappear the dirt with this bestselling robot vacuum, now 50% off. It cleans while you perform other tasks (or just kick back). Set it loose on your floors or customize a plan on the app. You can even use your voice to make it go. 

"I let this little guy do all the vacuuming, and I just mop as needed!" wrote a happy reviewer. "It has a very methodical stripe pattern that it cleans in and before it finishes, it goes back over and catches everything with the brush on the right side and gets all of the edges and then returns to the charger! I love how it maps out your floor plan and stores it in the cloud if you have it connected to Wi-Fi. There are variable suction settings, but I always run it on max because I don't have a space so large that it consumes all of the battery to clean. It runs for roughly 35 to 40 minutes and drops to 64% battery or so. ... Cleans efficiently and effectively!"

$99 at Walmart

Immerse yourself in your music — and look cool doing it — with these $100-off over-ear wireless headphones. The cushy earcups can also block sound when you need to focus. When fully charged, they can last up to 24 hours. We've never seen the price drop lower at Amazon.

"Bose is known for superior quality and functionality and these headphones deliver all that and more," wrote one rave reviewer. "The excellent ergonomic design allows extremely comfortable long-term wearing. The performance is impeccable as I am able to wear them all day to drown out annoying noises even when I'm not listening to anything. It's very relaxing noise cancellation for meditation and relaxation with or without sound. ... Time flies when I use them while multitasking cleaning house and listening to prerecorded books, lectures, video recipes, TV shows, etc."

$349 at Amazon
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$349 at Adorama$349 at Verizon

Want to put a stop to cable bills? Fire TVs are where it's at. We've found a popular 32-inch model for just $120 (down from $200) that's the perfect size for a guest room, bedroom or even the kitchen. Of course, you can still enjoy broadcast TV with this, but you can also stream via apps such as Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. Plus the included Alexa Voice Remote means you can pull up shows and movies hands-free.

"Easiest TV setup ever," wrote a fan. "I was streaming my favorite services within five minutes of opening the box. Amazon walks you through the process step by step. It is idiot-proof. Picture is good. And the interface is intuitive."

$130 at Amazon

Time to replace your pillows. Yes, again. The Sleep Foundation recommends getting new bed pillows every year or so, which can get pricey. These No. 1 bestselling Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows, enjoyed by 165,000 five-star fans, are down to just $18 a pop. They're cooling and will even hold their shape in the wash. Don't worry, your old pillows can be lovingly repurposed: Reach out to your local animal shelter; they can usually make great use of your discarded pillows and bedding.

"Cloud-like fluffy," said one mega-fan. "The pillow is very soft and maintains fluffiness. I am a back sleeper and it supports my head and neck very comfortably."

Check out our home editor's full review

Save $24 with coupon
$36 at Amazon

The lovely pieces in Drew Barrymore's Beautiful cookware collection have a habit of selling out. But this stunning slow cooker in Black Sesame with gold trim is not only back in stock but marked down. There are five pre-set functions for meat, poultry, stew, soup and chili, and it'll keep your dinner nice and warm when it's ready. 

One smitten shopper wrote: "I love it. I made a roast and it came out so juicy and tender. It's bigger than I thought it would be and it's gorgeous, and it goes so well with my kitchen."

$50 at Walmart

They're ba-ack. It's mosquito time, people, and they're out for blood. You could slather your skin in sticky, stinky DEET, you could add a zapper and listen to the sound of a thousand tiny deaths, or you could set up an invisible shield with this No. 1 bestselling Thermacell contraption, now down to $30. It disperses an unscented repellent that covers a 20-foot range. Set it and forget it while you enjoy your outdoor hangs.

This fan bought two: "We used them camping, putting one on one side of the deck and one on the other. It took a few minutes to begin working but when it did, we didn’t have a bite on us! Even our camping neighbors wondered why the mosquitoes weren't buzzing around."

$30 at Amazon
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$50 at Cabela's

For Insta-worthy vacation pics, style this lightweight cover-up with a wide-brimmed sun hat, statement sunglasses and fun wedge sandals. This beach bestie is a surefire way to feel more confident and comfortable as we enter swimsuit season, and it's cool in the heat and a breeze to toss on. The question is, which of the 33 colors and patterns best suits your summer 2024 vibe?

"Very pretty and works so well to wear poolside or even within my neighborhood," shared a happy shopper. "It keeps me 'swimsuit modest,' yet I can even travel to my local grocery store and not feel out of place in my neighborhood. ... It looks awesome on me."

Some wearers haven't even made it to the beach: "Nice enough to wear to church with black pants, then out to dinner," wrote one. "Maybe later I'll put over a swimsuit, but for now, it's really too nice. Could wear a tank top [but] not needed because not overly see-through. Length is good for a large woman like me."

with coupon
$27 at Amazon

Wear these thong sandals to your first pedicure of the season and don't take them off until October. They're cushy and supportive, with a wide mesh strap designed for comfort, and they're as low as $20 in six colors. Over 5,600 Amazon reviewers have given them five stars.

One happy shopper wrote, "The shoes are very soft and they're well-made. I can wear them all day and my feet don't hurt. Arch support!"

Another added: "These flip-flops are so comfortable plus they don't make that annoying 'flip-flop' sound. Bonus: They look really cute on!"

$30 at Amazon

If the Bose headphones we highlighted above are still too steep, we've got you and your ears covered with these popular $20 cans. Play music or make calls with these babies for up to 15 hours per charge and enjoy the silence (up to 85% noise reduction) when they're turned off.

One of thousands of five-star fans wrote: "Solitude. Use them every day! I'm autistic and being in the world can be too loud and overwhelming. These headphones, even without music playing, muffled the extra noise."

$20 at Walmart

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