Groom sparks etiquette debate after wearing Crocs to his wedding

A groom has sparked a debate after he attended his wedding while wearing Crocs.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the “Wedding Shaming” subreddit, a user posted a photo of a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony, in which the groom is seen wearing Crocs.

“Imagine you get ready for three hours and your groom shows up in Crocs,” the image was captioned.

The post was met with mixed comments, however, with some defending the groom from criticism while others questioned his decision to wear the casual footwear to the ceremony.

After posting, many people took to the comments section to give potential reasons for why he would be wearing more comfortable footwear.

“I hope it’s an inside joke between the two of them and she’s also wearing Crocs? I can’t see her feet so idk!” one person suggested in the comments section.

Other commenters suggested that the groom may have a medical reason for the footwear, which is easy to slip on and off.

“He probably has an injured foot or broken toe. He’s perfectly groomed (a pun) otherwise and obviously tried to camouflage his socks and Crocs with his attire,” a commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed with this theory, writing: “Ya I have really severe diabetic neuropathy in my feet, especially my toes. Doctor actually suggested Crocs as they have extra space and don’t restrict movement.”

Some commenters thought that the bride might have been wearing comfortable shoes too underneath her dress, and the couple was just trying to be comfortable on a day where they would likely be on their feet a lot.

“My husband and I both wore sneakers, because we live in them and they’re so comfy! Although tbf mine were iridescent and his were his dream sneakers, Converse All Star hi tops. But still. The groom’s [shoes] here look clean and possibly new here. Maybe they just really love Crocs!” one suggestion read.

“My fiancé and I get married in November. He’s wearing Vans and I’m wearing high top Converses lol! We wanted to be comfy! My aunt is also embroidering a cute blue flower and our wedding date onto my shoe,” another commenter chimed in.

This isn’t the first time wedding attire has been highlighted. Recently, Jodi Jones took to TikTok to show off what she was wearing to her son’s wedding. The ensemble included a light blue ball gown with white elbow-length gloves and a tiara.

“My son is getting married today and the invitation for the dress code says, ‘Upstage the bride,’” Jones said in her video. “Challenge accepted.”

Her clip went on to receive more than two million views, with many commenters laughing about how funny they found the dress code concept.

“Upstage the bride... I love a confident woman,” one comment joked.

“The fact that it said ‘upstage the bride’ and you chose a powder/baby blue instead of white is amazing,” another commenter pointed out.

“Plot twist: only your invite said upstage the bride,” a third person guessed.

The mother was on her way to attend the wedding of her son, Geoffrey Jones, and his partner, João. The two originally met on Tinder back in December 2020 and were engaged three years later.

“Weddings are serious,” Geoffrey told Today. “This was going to be a room full of people that loved and supported us and we wanted to make it fun. We have a lot of fashionable and kooky friends.”

“We really wanted to give people a chance to show off and celebrate their wedding fantasies,” he added.