Can you guess the UK's top 5 dream interior styles?

the uk's top 5 dream interior styles
Guess the UK's top 5 dream interior styles...Rose & Grey / Sweetpea & Willow

Spend hours daydreaming about your ideal home, or strategising how you'll tackle your next decorating project?

It turns out, you're not alone – 66 per cent of people surveyed by Willow & Hall said they plan to renovate rooms this spring in a bid to overhaul their interiors.

With this in mind, Berkeley Group scoured Instagram and consulted top interior design experts to find the most popular interior style for 2023. The results are in...

The UK’s favourite interior styles:

  1. Modern - 1.89m hashtags

  2. Scandinavian - 961k hashtags

  3. Vintage - 923k hashtags

  4. Contemporary - 360k hashtags

  5. Bohemian - 222k hashtags

Keep reading to get the lowdown on each of these distinct interior aesthetics.

• Modern Home Style

john lewis ss23 home collection modern

Modern interior design was first established in the early to mid-19th century. Today, modern interior design blends the sophisticated simplicity of Scandinavian design with the innovative functionality of the German Bauhaus and the clean lines of mid-century modern design.

A great interior style for homes with a lot of natural light and open plan spaces, Susan White, an interior designer at Phoenix Interior Design, summarises the look as minimal but memorable decor, with clean lines and an earthy colour palette.

'Choose white, cream, or beige tones, and incorporate splashes of bold colours – such as a brightly painted feature wall – to create an eye-catching contrast,' she explains.

• Scandinavian Home Style


'Scandi-style is all about practicality and prioritising wellbeing, in simple, well-designed, light-filled spaces that offer the perfect place to relax and unwind,' say the team at Berkeley Group. 'With all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, and WFH changing the nature of what we use homes for, it's no wonder this is the second most tagged interior design style.'

Utility and comfort both have their place in Scandinavian design. Minimalist to an extent (at least in the colour palette and materials utilised), homes decorated in a Scandinavian-inspired way feature soft hues, tactile textures and natural materials to create an environment that feels functional yet laidback. Think sheepskin cushions, sturdy wooden dining tables, and pared-back wall colours.

• Vintage Home Style

morley armchair in olive green, darlings of chelsea

'Although it's typically used to refer to any style that takes its influence from an earlier era, vintage interior design typically refers to the decor of the 1940s and 1950s,' explains Berkeley Group.

Vintage interior design as we know it was spurred on by the end of the Second World War. At this point in time, society focused on rebuilding and restoring, with homes that concentrated on evoking a sense of comfort. When you think of vintage-inspired homes, you'll instantly picture kitsch spaces that don't shy away from pattern, colour, or homely touches (such as knick-knacks, homemade decor and personal mementoes).

To recreate the vintage look, opt for pastel colours, floral patterns and antique brass lighting. Beautifully upholstered sofas and armchairs with curved silhouettes also add a touch of vintage style.

• Contemporary Home Style

contemporary living roomlounge
Didsbury Armchair, Rose & GreyRose & Grey

It's easy to confuse contemporary with modern home style, but the two are very distinct. 'Modern design references a specific design movement, whereas contemporary design is a more general term describing what's on-trend now,' explains MyDomaine.

Current contemporary homes are minimalist and pared-back – think little to no ornaments on display, hardwood flooring, and an open-plan design.

To transform your living space into a contemporary oasis, opt for a neutral colour palette of shades such as cream, white, and tan. Keep soft furnishings simple with plain cotton, linen and wool fabrics that have been coupled with natural materials (such as wood, stone, and metal).

To make a statement, focus on the lighting: nothing makes a better impact in a minimalist room than an oversized lamp or pendant light.

• Bohemian Home Style

bohemian style bloomingville otto cabinet, sweetpea and willow
Bloomingville Otto Cabinet, Sweetpea & WillowSweetpea & Willow

Laidback and consciously not curated, bohemian style originated in Paris in the 19th century, inspired by the artistic nomads that flocked there. It has now come to be associated with an unconventional, quirky interior style. Forget decorating with the latest gimmicks of gadgets, this is a style that is all about filling living spaces with trinkets and keepsakes that tell a story and hold happy memories.

The Berkeley Group suggest: 'Mix and match colours, materials, and textures to create a cosy and inviting space. Think fringed wall tapestries, woven rugs, and crochet floor cushions in shades of creams, neutrals, deep maroons, purples and oranges. Include plenty of indoor plants, soft lighting, and candles for the ultimate boho ambience.'

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