This Guy Used An $8 Disney Ticket From The 1970s To Get Into The Magic Kingdom

Let's face it, the "happiest place on Earth" isn't always the cheapest. A single ticket to Disney World costs at least $100, and that price can drastically increase depending on the day. So imagine one man's shock when he was able to successfully get into the theme park using an $8 ticket that was originally purchased in the 1970s.

TikTok user Matthew Ables (@matthewables) documented his harrowing ticketing experience in a recent video.

"I tried getting into Disney World with a 46-year-old ticket originally worth $8," he declared at the start of the video, which has gone on to receive over 9 million views.

Ables went on to explain that the ticket, which he thought was a family heirloom, was just sitting around collecting dust when he decided to give it a try. What made it a truly "golden ticket" was the fact that there was no expiration date.

After flying out to Orlando, Ables made his way to the ticket counter at Magic Kingdom to see if he'd have any luck with the decades-old ticket. Things initially looked bleak as the woman behind the counter began to stamp "VOID" throughout his ticket booklet. But alas, the TikToker was handed a brand-spanking new pass to be used for entry into the park.

"I can't believe this actually worked," he confessed after walking into Magic Kingdom.

Take this as your reminder to take a look through old family heirlooms for random unused tickets—you never know.

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