Guys, we almost missed Selena Gomez’s fringed 'jellyfish haircut'

selena gomez jellyfish haircut
Guys, Selena Gomez got a jellyfish haircutFrazer Harrison - Getty Images

Did you know that searches for 'jellyfish haircut' are up a whopping 615 per cent on Pinterest? No? Well, Selena Gomez apparently did because she's the latest celebrity to have jumped onto the viral beauty trend. In other words, take note, folks.

Taking to Instagram just a few days ago, New Zealand radio DJ and TV presenter, Zane Lowe shared a clip from his recent interview with Sel; The pair chatted all things 'Love On', Paris and touring all via FaceTime, for Apple Music.

Watch the short reel of the pair, below.

Now, as interesting as it is to hear what inspired the singer's latest track, on first glance, we were captivated by her seemingly new layered hairstyle – I mean, it's a completely new look for Selena and it's one that has been named the 'jellyfish' haircut. Not to mention her choppy fringe and bare, makeup-free face. A 360 serve!

While a picture (read: video) speaks a thousand words, you may still be wondering what said 'jellyfish' cut [en]tails... pun very much intended. And that is because by the looks of things, Selena is, in fact, sans-sea creatures. So, allow me to explain.

The style in question is a hybrid that combines the best of long mullet layers with shorter bowl-like cut face-framing bangs. The shape and contrasting lines of Selena's feathered lengths are a perfect example of how to wear bi-level layers.

To note – though, I'm sure one can assume – this look takes its namesake from the highly resembled jellyfish.

Et voilà! There you have it! Now you know exactly what to ask your hairstylist for on your next salon appointment. Get ready to make some waves... soz.

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