Gwen Stefani Channels Cher With Long Peroxide Waterfall Hair

gwen stefani at the grammys wearing her hair in a quiff
Gwen Channels Cher With Peroxide Waterfall HairGetty Images

Gwen Stefani is giving us hair whiplash with the number of hairstyle changes she's had lately; from old Hollywood to Y2K up-dos to micro bobs, she switches it up relentlessly when it comes to her peroxide tresses. But do you know what we haven't seen much of among the rollers, up-dos and XXL ponytails? Centre parts.

The singer wore her hair sailing down past her belly button in a magazine shoot, promoting her recent single Purple Irises, with husband Blake Shelton. She wore it parted right down the middle and we took note.


The striking style elongates her features, giving her face such a different look from her typical go-to styles. The peroxide waterfall hairstyle is making us think of a blonde Cher. Well, like Cher and Lucious Malfoys love child. Don't tell us you can't see it.

Instead of a super straight with glass-like shine, the hair retains some texture and a little frizz through the lengths giving it an edge.

We wouldn't be surprised if her make-up brand GXVE extended into haircare soon given how much she expresses herself through her locks. Watching her recent get ready with me, her passion for glam is clear and she revealed she always does her own makeup.

Honestly, we are so impressed with her make-up skills. I mean, she always looks flawless from the simplest looks to the wildly creative, so finding out she does it herself? Just wow. We're in awe.

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