Gypsy Rose Blanchard shares recipe for prison energy drink

Gypsy Rose Blanchard shares recipe for prison energy drink

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is continuing to give her fans insight into prison life.

Rather than sitting down to talk about her experiences, the 32-year-old, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the role she played in her mother’s death, offered her TikTok followers a taste of one energy drink she used to make in prison.

On 18 May, Blanchard took to her page to show step-by-step instructions for how to make the sugary concoction. According to her, the four main ingredients include Jolly Ranchers, Kool-Aid (Hawaiian punch flavor), strawberry Fanta, and Folgers instant coffee.

The influencer prefaced the fact that the drink did not contain any alcohol because she doesn’t “promote” alcohol on her page.

To start, Blanchard said the hard candies need to be crushed up. Because her Jolly Ranchers were pre-smashed, she moved on to make her instant coffee. Blanchard mixed in one “heaping scoop” of coffee in a plastic cup with a tiny bit of water.

Once the shot of coffee was made, she poured it into her larger measuring cup.

“So, everyone in prison usually makes these drinks because no one gets Red Bull in prison,” she explained. “So, this is just something everyone made to just have, I guess, a ‘homemade Red Bull.”

The next ingredient in the bowl was the Kool-Aid single powder packet. Blanchard said the flavor of the Kool-Aid doesn’t matter but she thinks the others would taste gross with the rest of the additives.

After her Kool-Aid was dissolved, she poured in more than a splash of Fanta soda. Blanchard didn’t go as far as pouring a whole half of the fizzy drink in, but just about one-fourth.

Lastly, Blanchard dumped in two crushed Jolly Ranchers before pouring the whole mixture over ice. She warned not to drink the beverage without ice.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard shares prison recipe (TikTok / @gypsyblanchard.tiktok)
Gypsy Rose Blanchard shares prison recipe (TikTok / @gypsyblanchard.tiktok)

“Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘This looks so gross.’ But I just, I didn’t like them at first but then they grew on me,” she admitted. “For me, the first time I tried it I did not like it. But I basically had to make my own to have it kind of grow on me.”

Taking a sip, Blanchard compared the taste to a Red Bull or a Monster energy drink before reflecting on a memory from her time in prison.

“When I was in prison, one of my roommates, she was in school. So, she was coming back to our room from school one day, and she sees me on my hands and knees, and I am scrubbing the walls with a toothbrush, cleaning the room,” she remembered. “She said: ‘Oh, there Gypsy goes on the racks again,’ because that’s what call this in prison. We call this drink, ‘The Rack.’”

Blanchard admitted she still drinks “The Rack” now.

Her video comes after many of her followers begged her to reveal more of her day-to-day hacks while she was locked up for seven years. Recently, Blanchard confessed she used to use coffee grounds, pen ink, and toothpaste as makeup.