Hack Your Taco Bell Freeze For A Creamy, Icy Treat

Blue Taco Bell Freeze
Blue Taco Bell Freeze - junobugtweets/X, formerly Twitter

Among Taco Bell's many tasty menu items are a selection of frozen drinks known as Freezes. Customers can choose from a variety of flavors, including Wild Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Double Berry, and Baja Blast, which features the beloved Mountain Dew product made famous by Taco Bell. Some drinks also come with a special vanilla creamer for an even sweeter experience. It appears that customers might be able to add this creamer to other frozen beverages, at least according to one Redditor.

Upon ordering a Wild Strawberry Crème Delight, the fast food fan was told that they were out of the original flavor but could add the creamer to a Blue Raspberry Freeze. A commenter chimed in, stating that this was a common customization hack, at least at select locations. "You can actually add the cream to any flavor freeze if you request it. I wanna say it won't charge extra for that, you'd have to confirm with your local TB, but you can order it," they explained. Another self-proclaimed employee on the thread co-signed the statement. "Can confirm this...We have no problem with adding the cream to any of the freezes we offer."

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A Sweet Addition To Every Beverage

Taco Bell storefront daytime
Taco Bell storefront daytime - M. Suhail/Getty Images

Taco Bell has actually experimented with a few creamers over the years, which has led to a bit of confusion on Reddit. Some drinks use a sweet vanilla creamer, while others have featured a tropical sweetener in the style of a classic piña colada (the rum drink with pineapple juice, coconut-flavored cream, and crushed ice). While they're no longer on the menu, the Baja Blast Colada Freeze and Island Freeze drinks both contained the tropical sweetener.

The vanilla creamer recently debuted at the fast food chain in an effort to sweeten up Taco Bell's coffee drinks. As for the tropical sweetener, Redditors claim that this product has a few distinct differences from the standard creamer. "The consistency of the creamer is thicker than the vanilla creamer used in coffee," explained one commenter, who also added that the tropically inspired addition "doesn't go well with coffee." The quality of that pairing is a question for another day, as the tropical sweetener doesn't appear to be available at all locations currently. However, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with other beverage concoctions.

Taco Bell Invites You To Hack Your Own Freeze

Assorted Taco Bell Freezes
Assorted Taco Bell Freezes - NateBlanchett/X

If you're new to the Taco Bell experience, you might wonder whether special orders are welcomed at the fast-food establishment. In fact, Taco Bell encourages its customers to hack their own frozen beverages, and even offers a few suggestions to get you started. You can combine different Freeze flavors into one drink, ala the Double Berry Freeze (which features a combination of strawberry and blue raspberry). If you want your drink to have a bit of a caffeine kick, consider adding the Baja Blast to another Freeze flavor.

In the event your local Taco Bell still carries the colada creamer, you can ask for it to be included in just about any Freeze flavor. If not, the vanilla creamer is an excellent substitute, especially if you're seeking a simple infusion of sweetness without the tropical underpinnings. And if you opt for a to-go Freeze, Taco Bell recommends adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream at home. With so many great flavor options, customers can feel free to customize the chain's frozen beverages to their heart's content.

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