Hailey Bieber Wears Blazer and No Pants On Dinner Date With Justin

On Friday night, Hailey and Justin Bieber went out to dinner at NOBU in New York City in the beautiful spring weather. Hailey must have been feeling warm, because the 26-year-old model was wearing a long pale grey blazer and not much else. The coat's hem served as the Rhode founder's skirt for the night, and the neckline dipped low to reveal her décolletage. She has on gold earrings and light makeup.

The blazer's sleeves hung over her hands, and she was wearing a Porsche baseball cap over her light brown bob that matched the look. On her feet were a pair of square-toed kitten heels. Justin was wearing a light blue button-down with wide-legged light wash jeans and a pair of his own Drew brand slip-ons in bright orange.

This was the couple's second outing of the day, as they were spotted exiting their car earlier in the afternoon with their dogs Piggy Lou and Oscar, two Yorkshire terriers.

celebrity sightings in new york city may 12, 2023
Gotham - Getty Images

Hailey was wearing a different blazer in a looser and shorter cut over a white crop top and jeans, while her husband was wearing matching shorts and hoodie in bright orange. They each cuddled a dog as they walked. The married couple have been enjoying the city this week after skipping the Met Gala earlier this month, an event Hailey has been known to attend.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Justin and Hailey have been dealing with bad press and gossip around the model's relationship to Selena Gomez, who dated Justin before he and Hailey got together.

“They don't want to continually deal with this repetitive, ongoing former relationship drama,” said the insider. “They...don't want this to be something that impacts them negatively.”

They added, “Justin knows that speaking publicly about it will only amplify the situation and bring more attention to it, so they have been supporting each other privately.”

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