The Hair Growth Brand Shoppers Rely on for Thicker Strands and Fuller Lashes Is 25% Off for a Limited Time

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Including Nicole Kidman’s “favorite” shampoo and a serum that regrew a 50-year-old’s lashes.

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If you ask me, any beauty product Nicole Kidman uses is worth trying. When it comes to her haircare specifically, the actress has shouted out Vegamour — a vegan hair, lash, and brow growth brand she invested in last year — as her “favorite.” Droves of shoppers, many of whom swear the brand’s growth shampoos and serums deliver wholeheartedly on their claims, echo Kidman’s high praise, as, do InStyle writers, who’ve tried and loved a smattering of the brand’s products.

If you have yet to experience Vegamour for yourself, I come bearing good news: Currently, you can snag the brand’s shopper-loved hair, lash, and brow products for 25 percent off when you use code FRIEND25 at checkout. With so many options, whittling your cart can prove challenging, so I rounded up the best five products to stock up on for less — but you’ll want to hurry, because the sale ends on April 3.

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum



The hair serum so many shoppers swear by piqued my initial interest in Vegamour. Within three months, the brand claims it can deliver noticeably thicker hair thanks to plant-powered ingredients that stimulate growth. One hairstylist raved that “it definitely reduces hair fall and promotes growth,” while another shopper said they’re “so impressed” with the serum after they noticed “significantly fuller”-looking hair after three months. 

Shop now: $48 with code FRIEND25 (Originally $64);

Vegamour Gro Lash and Brow Kit



Consider the Gro Lash and Brow Kit the ultimate face glow-up. This set contains two of the brand’s highly lauded growth-promoting products: The brow serum and the lash serum, both of which improve density and fullness within 60 days, per Vegamour. The first is a godsend for regrowing brows, even when they’ve been plucked to (seemingly!) the point of no return. Red clover, which can inhibit DHT production, prevents further hair loss, while mung bean supports dermal papillae, i.e. cells beneath the hair follicle.. According to an InStyle writer, the serum restored her “overplucked ‘90s brows” to some semblance of their formerly full glory in four months of daily use. 

Similarly, the lash serum is also formulated to support new growth thanks to similar ingredients. The lash serum can deliver a longer, fuller fringe, making it perfect for anyone whose lashes have whittled with age or have been damaged by extensions. Take it from one shopper in their late 50’s who said they had “lashes again” thanks to the product.

Shop now: $86 with code FRIEND25 (Originally $114);

Vegamour Ageless Gray Control Duo



As someone whose 30-year-old head has started sprouting rogue grays (much to my dismay), Vegamour’s Ageless Gray Control Duo appeals to me. The products are formulated to stop graying before it begins, and even reverse the change once it’s happened. The set features a topical serum and a supplement loaded with  the brand’s go-to plant-powered actives. One shopper said they were “very helpful in reducing” their grays.”  Together, they work splendidly. 

Shop now: $105 with code FRIEND25 (Originally $140);

Vegamour Hydr8 Essentials Kit



I own enough shampoos and conditioners to last a lifetime. Of the zillions I’ve tried, Vegamour’s Hydra8 duo is among the most impressive, and one of the few sets I’ve left on my shower shelf sans swapping out. True to its name, the recently launched collection visibly hydrates hair — which, for me, means fewer frizzly bits and smoother dry ends. Infused with vegan keratin to strengthen spindly strands over time, plus plant extracts with shine-promoting powers, the formulas are fantastic for anyone who’s craving lustrous, healthy-looking hair. The formula plays well with even the thinnest hair types; designed to be weightless, it does not flatten or leave residue. Thicker hair types in particular will also benefit from the collection’s hydrating hair mask: A rich, concentrated cream that doubles down on frizz control and strand-softening. Each of the three products can be purchased separately, though I’d highly recommend snagging this kit with all three for best results.

Shop now: $86 with code FRIEND25 (Originally $115);

Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit



Formulated for thinning hair, this shampoo and conditioner duo delivers an ultra-gentle cleanse and lessens shedding over time. It features ingredients that impart a thicker, fuller appearance, like turmeric for promoting hair growth (studies have shown it can help block DHT production) and vegan keratin, Vegamour’s signature strand-strengthener, to prevent snapping for improved, healthy-looking length.

Shop now: $65 with code FRIEND25 (Originally $86);

Shop Vegamour’s Friends and Family Sale for hair growth heroes and strand-strengthening solutions discounted at 25 percent off. If healthy-looking hair, brows, and lashes appeal to you, you’re in for a treat.

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