Hairstyles Your Guy Should Never Try

Korin Miller

Goth locks, heinous dye jobs, poodle perms - it must take a seriously talented stylist to make guys this hot look so craptastic.

That whole "showing your roots" trend just doesn't work on dudes, huh, Joel?

Our favorite Hangover star may be sober, but his hair is totally wasted.

This man is a notorious womanizer. No, seriously.

Joel Madden
Bradley Cooper
George Clooney

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Johnny Depp

Even his crazy Mad Hatter do is an improvement on this creepy goth-inspired mop.

Before he discovered the power of hair gel and a blowout, McDreamy rocked Jheri curls.

Wow. That is the sexiest water buffalo we've ever seen.

Patrick Dempsey
Penn Badgley

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Ryan Phillippe

It's amazing Reese Witherspoon stayed with him after this look....Oh, wait.

That's one way to try to get nominated for a Golden Dome…er, Globe.

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