Haley and Oula Palve announce pregnancy after IVF journey: 'Full hearts and tons of joy'

Haley Palve said she was mad at her body when their fertility journey started.

Haley Palve (Instagram/@hfergie11)
Haley Palve took to Instagram to reveal her pregnancy. (Instagram/@hfergie11)

Another hockey baby is on the way!

Haley Palve (formerly Ferguson) announced on Monday she is pregnant after a months-long IVF journey with her husband, Finnish hockey player Oula Palve.

"The Bachelor" alum, who appeared on the 20th season with her twin sister Emily Karlsson, took to Instagram with professional photos for the baby announcement.

The Palves posed together, sitting outside of a coffee shop, reading a newspaper titled "The Baby Fortune," with the first headline reading "Baby Palve is on the way!" Another headline read, "It's an IVF miracle!"

In another photo, the two were pictured holding a sign that read Baby Palve - arriving May 2024," along with ultrasound photos of the baby.

Mom-to-be Palve captioned the post saying they're sharing the news with "extremely full hearts" and joy. But, she acknowledged it's not an easy journey.

"It's also important for me to recognize that even though I'm so happy to share this, a part of me aches for anyone who sees this and feels pained. I know that feeling so well," she penned.

"As I've shared my story I've been able to build a beautiful and strong community of people also struggling with infertility."

Fellow TV personalities and fans chimed in to congratulate the couple.

"The Bachelor" alum Vanessa Grimaldi commented: "Such happy news! Congratulations my love," under Palve's post.

"I am over the moon for you! I've watched your journey all the way from the beginning. And when I found out I was pregnant I truly thought about you! This is incredible. I'm so happy for you," wrote fellow alum Sydney Warner.

Former "The Bachelorette" contestant Adam Gottschalk chimed in, "Congrats you two! Love the announcement pics too," while another alum of the show, Astrid Wendt, added she was "so happy" for the couple.

"These are the cutest pics ever!" a fan penned.

Back in July, Palve revealed the couple had been trying for a baby for a year, and had two failed intrauterine insemination attempts. She added choosing to start IVF was a "tough choice" for the couple.

"It wasn't an easy decision to make but with a blocked fallopian tube and low ovarian reserve this is the safest/best choice for us," she admitted.

The soon-to-be-mom confessed to feeling mad at her body, going through "many emotions" in the process.

"Thankful that IVF is an option and I'm manifesting motherhood! Infertility has been the toughest thing I've gone through."

In a separate video, Palve shared her first day self-administering IVF stimulation with her husband.

"I was overwhelmed prepping only two injections," she wrote in the caption, adding she watched explainer videos multiple times. "Crazy how they let you inject these meds yourself! I hope I did it right."

The couple received support from fans and followers throughout the process.

"I love how hubby injected them for you! You guys are a great team," one person commented on that video.

"You've got this! I just did round 2 a month ago. It's a wild rollercoaster of emotions. You have so much support and love being sent your way!," another shared.

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