'This is not OK': Halle Berry hits back after 6-year-old son criticized for wearing heels

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Halle Berry is defending a video of her son wearing her heels on Instagram (Getty Images/Instagram).

Halle Berry is shutting down her critics after sharing a rare video of her son to Instagram.

On March 24, the Oscar winner took to social media to share a video of her 6-year-old son, Maceo-Robert, wearing a pair of her high-heeled boots.

Berry shared the clip of her son trying to walk and climb stairs while wearing pyjamas and the star’s high-heeled white boots to Instagram with the caption “Quarantine Day 12.”

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Berry, who shares Maceo-Robert with ex-husband Olivier Martinez, immediately received criticism for letting her son wear heels.

“Stop letting boys and men do this and think it’s cute,” one follower wrote to Berry. “Where are the fathers when you need them?”

“No disrespect to you Halle, but this isn’t fun and it’s not cute,” another added. “This could be the start of something you could one day regret.”

“Get him out of those heels,” another Instagrammer wrote. “He’s a boy, not a girl - don’t do that to him. That’s not OK.”

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The video, which has so far seen more than 500,000 views, prompted some of Berry’s followers to assume Maceo-Robert was a girl. Berry, whom also shares 12-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-partner Gabriel Aubrey, does not post photos or video of her children’s faces on Instagram.

The confusion prompted Berry to correct one follower.

“Well it’s a he, and he is having a ball,” she wrote. “Tryna cope the best he can. Laughter helps a lot right now!”

When debate broke out between Berry’s more than 6 million followers whether or not it was “OK” for a boy to be playing in his mother’s heels, Berry stepped in.

Halle Berry is defending her decision to share a video of her 6-year-old son wearing heels to social media. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)

“It’s tight on these kids right now,” the 53-year-old wrote. “Let’s have a laugh and some compassion y’all.”

Despite the criticism, many were quick to defend the video, chalking it up to nothing more than a boy looking to entertain himself during self-isolation.

“I can’t even walk in heels that high,” one supportive follower wrote. “Whatever you have to do to keep kids entertained... You’re an awesome mom for letting kids be kids.”

“Kids do the darndest things and they make us laugh and enjoy life,” another added. “And isn’t that what life is all about?”

In 2019, Berry told TODAY that her kids are “off limits” on Instagram while they’re young.

“I just don’t want to plaster them all over the internet. That just doesn’t feel right for me,” Berry said. “They’re gonna do that soon enough. That’s gonna be their life when they grow up, and they will choose when that starts...I’ve fought really hard to protect their privacy, and I just want them to have their life and have it be theirs.”

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