Halved Avocados Are Perfect For Serving Fresh Poke In

ahi stuffed avocados
ahi stuffed avocados - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

Poke bowls have gained immense popularity over the last few years and for good reasons. Fresh and light yet never short on flavor, this Hawaiian dish can liven up any meal without overwhelming the palate or making things heavy. Beyond that are the endless possible variations from the most fundamental ingredients -- rice, proteins, veggies, and a sauce -- that cater to your liking. Even down to the serving and presentation, there are ways to get creative. Give your poke bowl a unique and eye-catching appearance by replacing regular bowls with avocado halves as Tasting Table recipe developer Michelle McGlinn did with her tuna poke-stuffed avocados.

Colorful food served in makeshift avocado bowls is sure to attract attention. The fruit's natural shell shape makes a surprisingly perfect container, holding about as much food as a small bowl would. With a rustic, unique visual appeal, the poke-stuffed avocados strike up curiosity for what the actual dish might taste like, and once you dig into it, it's just as impressive.

The avocado itself provides a luscious and creamy base. It perfectly blends into the diverse ingredients and their textural chaos, somehow complementing everything all at once. Then you've also got the delicate but noticeable flavor enhancement. The fruit's nutty, mildly sweet taste is a great canvas for highlighting more vibrant, bolder notes while also giving them a subtle undertone.

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A New Way To Enjoy Poke

A plate of poke-stuffed avocados and marinated raw tuna cubes
A plate of poke-stuffed avocados and marinated raw tuna cubes - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

Preparing the avocado shell is quite simple. Just carefully cut the fruit in half, remove the pit, and then scoop out the flesh (which you can use later on for the actual poke itself). Depending on your personal preference, you can take all of the flesh out, or leave some behind for a more popping green edge.

As for the poke itself, you've got plenty of options. Although white rice is the most common choice, you can also go for brown rice, quinoa, or none at all. Then, for the proteins, stick with marinated fish for the most authentic taste. If you don't mind the taste of raw fish, opt for sushi-grade ahi tuna or salmon. That said, cooked shrimp, canned fish, or octopus will also work. Then, color in a rainbow with the diverse use of veggies and fruits. Try corn, mangoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onion, etc. You can also include other toppings like black beans, edamame, dried seaweeds, tofu, tempeh, or sesame seeds. Finally, make a tangy, umami, and slightly spicy sauce to tie everything together.

Poke bowls are often served as lunch or dinner, but split into palm-sized avocado cups, they're much more flexible. At parties, they're exciting, crowd-pleasing appetizers. And when the toasts start to get a bit dull at brunches, give the avocado poke bowls a try instead!

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