The 'world’s most comfortable thong' is sold every 10 seconds—and it's on sale right now

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Is Hanky Panky’s Original Rise Thong the most popular underwear in the world? It appears to be. On average, one unit of the Original Rise Thong is sold every 10 seconds worldwide — perhaps because the cheeky underwear brand has trademarked itself as the World’s Most Comfortable Thong.

This isn’t far from reality when you look at the 100-plus top-rated reviews online. Hanky Panky’s popularity spans from teens and moms to all sorts of celebrities: Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani and Cher are a just a few of Hanky Panky’s trusted customer base.

After all, Hanky Panky’s history is impressive, beginning in 1977 when Gale Epstein designed a lingerie set out of embroidered handkerchiefs to give to her friend Lida Orzeck. “It all started with a gift,” Epstein told Forbes. “Lida was having a birthday, and I had started playing with handkerchiefs and reassembling them as lingerie. So Lida got a set, and we just figured that other people would like them too.” 

Not until 1986 did Epstein and Orzeck introduce the Original Rise Thong, which, unsurprisingly, was considered risqué for its time. However, the key pillars of Hanky Panky (comfort, durability and style) made it rise above early criticism. Each thong is made with over 30 yards of thread to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting design. As fashion evolved and women sought more seamless undergarments to wear with tighter-fitting clothing, Hanky Panky became the answer they’d been searching for. So it’s no surprise that Hanky Panky has become so popular among celebrities who wear the thongs underneath their red carpet gowns. Plus, the “one-size-fits all” design makes underwear shopping for any occasion easier than ever.

Here’s how Hanky Panky shoppers break down the best traits of the beloved Original Rise Thong:

Comfort level: Can’t go wrong with Hanky Panky! Simply is the most comfortable thong out there. Ever since my first one, that is all I buy. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for new and pretty underwear that you can wear every day.”

Universal fit: “I purchased about 8 pairs during the Anniversary sale and then more after because I was just soooo impressed. OS does fit ‘all,’ but realize that original/regular rise fits sizes 4-14. So someone who is smaller might feel like they’re swimming in the underwear, so I suggest you go with the mid-rise or the low-rise. I love the extra coverage in the front that the original rise provides. The lace is stretchy enough and quite seamless under jeans, skirts, and slightly fitting dresses from my experience. My favorite part is that they don’t slide down! I’m a slightly curvier woman and sometimes the thongs like to roll or slip down once it has been worn a couple of times, but my HPs do not do that! They’re also super comfortable as I don’t feel like there’s anything in between me throughout the day. The lace does not irritate or itch me. I don’t feel it pulling or giving me a wedgie; it feels like I’m practically wearing nothing at all. Love these thongs, and I am forever a fan.”

Style for all: “I am 56 yrs old and have been wearing Hanky Panky panties for at least 10 years. The quality is great and I always love getting a new pair!”

Worth the price “I’ve been wearing Hanky Pankys for years. We sold tons of them at the lingerie shop where I worked. They fit well and last forever. There are less-expensive knock-offs, but you’ll feel the difference in the quality. I highly recommend Hanky Panky.” Another shopper notes, “I was caught off guard by the price but, have no fear, it’s well worth it. It’s soft and durable and sexy. I’ve had them 4 years (I’m embarrassed to say) and they hardly show signs of wear. I’ve fluctuated from a 4/6 to a 10/12 and back again. These little panties … the best ever!”

For a limited time, Hanky Panky thongs are on sale! Shop our favorites below.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original-Rise Thong 

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original-Rise Thong (Photo: Zappos)

Shop it: $20 (was $22), 

Hanky Panky Original-Rise Boxed 3-Pack Thongs

Hanky Panky Original-Rise Boxed 3-Pack Thongs (Photo: Zappos)

Shop it: $48 (was $59), 

Hanky Panky 3-Pack Low-Rise Thong 

Hanky Panky 3-Pack Low-Rise Thong (Photo: Zappos)

Shop it: $53 (was $66), 

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original-Rise Thong 5-Pack 

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Original-Rise Thong 5-Pack (Photo: Zappos)

Shop it: $80 (was $98), 

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