Hate Bad Breath From Onion Rings? Deep Fry Squash Instead

plate of fried squash
plate of fried squash - Ollphotograph/Shutterstock

Deep-fried squash is a delectable alternative to onion rings that satisfies those cravings for a crispy, savory snack and offers some potential relief from dreaded onion breath. Unlike onions, which impart a pungent flavor and aroma, deep-fried squash has a milder, sweeter taste, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a more nuanced and balanced flavor. Whether they're homemade or frozen, onion rings will undoubtedly lead to particularly un-fresh breath. So, what makes squash a better alternative?

Onion rings, delicious as they may be, cause bad breath because of the presence of sulfur compounds. With their strong, lingering odor, onions can leave your breath with an unmistakable scent that may not be welcomed in social situations. On the other hand, deep-fried squash, with its milder, sweeter aroma, offers a far more pleasant olfactory experience. Deep-fried squash not only satisfies your cravings for a crispy snack but also leaves your breath smelling better than it would if you had consumed a batch of onions. Trust us, your friends will thank you.

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Low Sulfur Squash Is Easier On Your Breath

pile of squash
pile of squash - itor/Shutterstock

While they may not be as prevalent a snack as onion rings, fried squash should be sought out if you want to keep your breath and gut health on track. A primary reason squash has the upper hand when it comes to keeping bad breath at bay is that onions are a member of the allium family, which contains the aforementioned sulfur compounds. When onions are cut or mashed, gasses combine with the mouth's natural bacteria, causing bad breath. On the other hand, squash is a relatively low-sulfur food, which, in addition to combatting the scourge of halitosis, can be helpful for digestion, preventing after-dinner bloating and gas.

When choosing a deep-fried snack, squash is not only the healthier option, but it's the clear winner if you're angling for better breath. Steer clear of those sulfide-laden onions by going with squash, and reap the reward of not needing quite as strong an after-dinner mint.

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