Hate To Dredge Up Any Bad Memories, But We're Curious About The Crappiest Way You've Ever Been Dumped

Nearly everyone who has ever dated has a crappy breakup story under their belt. Sometimes, it seems like the only guarantees in this life are death, taxes, and breakups.

people in the dark with their backs to each other
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Perhaps you didn't realize anything was wrong, and then one day, your boyfriend blocked your number and all your socials. You drove to his house, where you were greeted by his wife, who had just learned of your existence. She forced her husband to come out and apologize to you and tell you it was over. Just like that, you were single yet again.

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Maybe you were publicly dumped while at a fancy restaurant having dinner. Your partner took you out and waited for you both to order, then broke up with you and left the restaurant, leaving you in tears and stuck with the bill.

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Or, perhaps you got dumped over text right before you had a really big final exam (that they knew about), and you spent the entire exam spiraling, fighting tears, and unable to focus.

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What's the crappiest way someone has ever broken up with you? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.