Hawthorne’s Personalized ‘Self-Care’ Products Take the Guesswork Out of Men’s Hygiene

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Hawthorne.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Hawthorne.

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I don’t generally consider myself an oaf or anything like that, but until recently, I have never taken the time to buy skincare, deodorant, hair, or grooming products with intention. The soap- and shampoo-labeled bottles on the lower shelves at pharmacies were all the guidance I needed. If I ran out of one, I’d usually use the other interchangeably until I had time to get to a pharmacy (e.g., shampoo as body wash and vice versa). Besides, isn’t face wash only for people with acne? Apparently not.

Hawthorne, a personalized men’s hygiene and body care subscription service, recently asked me to take its quiz and sent me a custom-made personal care package. While I was skeptical at first, I now understand why people are particular about what they use on their face, body, hair, and even underarms—I’ve never felt more clean.

The quiz takes just a few minutes and asks about your priorities, fragrance preferences, daily grooming and skincare habits, and hair and skin type to pair you with the perfect daily self-care lineup. Then, they send you a curated package right to your door with everything you need to feel clean, fresh, and, well, nice. Hawthorne also was thoughtful enough to send me two different scents—one for work and one for play.

While I was never much of a scent-spritzer, I have to admit it makes me feel nice to actually smell nice—and I’ve even gotten a few compliments. If you want to elevate your bathroom routine with intention and refined ingredients, Hawthorne is a great first step in the right direction. Plus, you don’t have to go the subscription route either—all of its products are available for purchase by themselves. Scroll through below to check out my favorite items from my personalized self-care box.

Natural Men’s Deodorant

This natural, aluminum-free deodorant is made from coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and sunflower oil. It has a unique and subtle scent that I really like—no cologne needed. If you do choose to wear cologne or fragrance, though, this formula is designed so that it won’t clash with other scents. Best of all? Unlike most natural and non-toxic deodorants I’ve tried, this one actually works for more than three hours.

Buy Natural Men’s Deodorant at Hawthorne, $15

Deep Exfoliating Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash

The exfoliating body wash requires just a small dab on my loofah to cover my entire body. Plus, the invigorating eucalyptus scent really wakes me up in the morning while leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Buy Deep Exfoliating Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash at Hawthorne, $13

Oil Control Shampoo

The shampoo is one of the most refreshing formulas I’ve experienced. It contains a blend of oil-reducing ingredients that don’t strip your scalp (which can cause dandruff, apparently), including coconut oil and vitamin B5. I use it mostly after the gym when I’m super sweaty and my hair is greasy, and it gives me a solid deep clean.

Buy Oil Control Shampoo at Hawthorne, $13


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