Heidi Klum on the end of pandemic fashion, her 'eclectic' style and Amazon's Making the Cut season 2

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Heidi Klum is no stranger to the runway — or hosting a reality fashion competition, for that matter. The model was a former host of the long-running fashion reality show "Project Runway" alongside Tim Gunn, and last year the duo teamed up again as creators, hosts and executive producers of Amazon Prime Video’s latest fashion competition, "Making the Cut."

On July 16, the show returns for its second season, with a new episode premiering each week and winning designs dropping in real time on Amazon. Alongside Klum and Gunn, two new judges join the roster this season: Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott.

Season two pits 10 international designers and entrepreneurs against each other for a grand prize of $1 million and an Amazon Fashion mentorship. Unlike the previous season, the designers weren't able to travel around the world and the show was filmed in Malibu during the pandemic.

Klum said that it was not easy filming at a distance, but they were just happy to highlight these designers in a safe space. She told Yahoo Canada: "These are up and coming new designers that have small businesses in different parts of the world. We have designers from Australia, Colombia, India, Poland, the U.S. and France. So everyone has already their small businesses, but they also need our help to shop their looks in order for their business to continue."

Making the Cut - Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Image via Amazon Prime Video
Making the Cut - Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Image via Amazon Prime Video

Klum is looking for designers who are inclusive and put the customer first

Klum is fed up of working with designers who have a problem with different body shapes. She explains that it's the job of a designer to create clothes for everyone.

Speaking to the kind of designers she always champions, Klum said: "We've had many designers in the past and they're like, 'Oh, you give me a curvy model? I don't know how to do that.' You know, things like that. As a designer, this is your job to design for every person."

"I hate nothing more than when I get something and then it's like, it's either too sheer, or I don't know how to put underpinnings with it, because I feel like this is the job of the designer," she added. "They're supposed to make it easy for us. So I'm looking for someone who really keeps all of those things in mind."

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Klum explains how her clothes underline her personality

What "Making the Cut" really nails is showcasing the range of personal styles flaunted by the different designers from all around the world. While one designer is urban, detailed and multi-cultural, another prefers edgy, versatile and sophisticated styles. The show gives the designers the platform to fully flex their personal styles.

So how does supermodel Klum express her personal style?

"I'm eclectic. Because I feel like I have so many different personalities. I don't know about you, but I go in the closet and I'm like, 'Well, what do I want to be today?' Sometimes I kind of feel like hippie, you know, then I have my hair curly. And then you know, I have my sandals on and a long dress with flowers. And then another day, I'm like, 'I feel I want to be really sexy today.' I want to have [a] short little skirt and heels, you know? Or you have a business meeting and you're going to be more... I don't know, in a suit or something harder or a bright red colour because I feel like that's always like a pow!"

"I feel like clothes always underline our personality and who we are and we want to be that day. So I don't really have one style... it's eclectic, and it's kind of fun. I think I like I always like I like to have fun with patterns with prints. I don't like to be somber. I like to have fun with fashion."

Winnie Harlow and Heidi Klum. Image via Amazon Prime Video
Winnie Harlow and Heidi Klum. Image via Amazon Prime Video

Heidi Klum on Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow

"She really is the person who has the finger on the pulse, I would say, you know, because I remember from modelling many, many years ago, how, when you shoot editorial, you see everything already, like a year before it comes out. So I think she has a different take on it— a fresh take on it," Klum said of her fellow judge.

"She's very articulate, which is also very important as a judge. Not a lot of people have the ability to explain why they don't like something without hurting someone's feelings really badly. And she is perfect."

Heidi Klum, Jeremy Scott and Winnie Harlow. Image via Amazon Prime Video
Heidi Klum, Jeremy Scott and Winnie Harlow. Image via Amazon Prime Video

Klum lived in her sweats, just like us

Over the course of the pandemic, it turns out the supermodel was just like us — living in her sweats and not knowing what day of the week it really was.

"I did have a lot of sweatsuits as well but in order for the days not to become Groundhog Day, I got a few different colours, I got bright green and red and rainbow colours. Especially when the pandemic just started getting really frozen in our house, sometimes I didn't even know what day of the week it was anymore," she admitted.

"Definitely the sweats then helped, but I feel like now we're done with the sweats. Now it's time for us to be fun again and get our fun things out of the closet again and you know, live and be out there and and just have fun again."

"Making the Cut" season 2 premieres on July 16 followed by a new episode every week.

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