Heidi Klum just shared the secret to her signature sassy model walk

Heidi Klum just shared the secret to her signature sassy model walk

Straight off the back of Paris Fashion Week's Haute Couture shows and wasting no time diving into Copenhagen Fashion Week, all eyes in the fashion world are firmly fixed on the runways. When they're not ogling Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Florence Pugh and Zendaya sitting on the front row, that is.

Thankfully, all it takes is the likes of Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Amelia Gray to return attention to the catwalks. But alongside the seriously gorgeous spring summer trends on display occupying conversation, there's been another surprising topic on everyone's lips RN. How to walk like a model.

Yep, after Kaia Gerber revealed on the newly launched series In The Know that the key to walking in heels was to *not* sway your hips, Amelia chimed in saying the complete opposite commenting beneath the funny clip, "Wait all I do is sway my hips what is going on."

Now, Heidi Klum has entered the chat.

Following her appearance on Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast, the German supermodel treated Alex to an intimate one-on-one model walk lesson that she kindly filmed and shared on Instagram, simply captioning the clip, "Werk it 👯".

In the video, Alex says to the camera, "I have always wanted to know, how do the models walk?" before revealing Heidi stood behind her, raring and ready to go. And step one in mastering a model-worthy strut at the Heidi Klum school of modelling? Get your legs out.

Wearing a leather A-line maxi paired with a see-through shredded black sweater, Heidi immediately pulled the hem of her skirt up around the tops of her legs, revealing the thigh-high black boots she had on. "First, we need a mini skirt. Show the legs, or you can drop trou. Whatever you want," Heidi instructs.

Moving on to actually walking, Heidi strides towards the camera, pushing her hips as far out to each side as possible. "I mean, this is the old way," she says. "Now, they all walk more straight," she adds, switching to demonstrate a more rigid and upright walk.

"I'm showing you the dinosaur way. But I do love the dinosaur ages where it's a little bit more 'Helloooo everyone!' Razzle, dazzle," Heidi continues, reverting back to her signature, sassy strut.

"You know, because now they're all in a hurry, hurry, they're in a hurry," she says, this time pacing at speed towards the camera. "They're all doing these crazy things now," she continues, adopting yet another walk, leaning forward and swaying her arms in this version. Just look to the Maison Margiela catwalks, with the luxury label exhibiting a history of wild walks.

With no one right way to do it, maybe there's hope for our model dreams, yet?

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