Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for April Is Here

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Your Monthly Horoscope for April Is HereGetty/Margie Rischiotto

Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • April 3: Mercury enters Taurus

  • April 6: Full Moon in Libra

  • April 10: Venus enters Gemini

  • April 11: Sun in Aries conjunct Jupiter in Aries

  • April 20: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • April 20: Sun enters Taurus

  • April 21: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Last month was major! We entered a new astrological era with Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius and welcomed the astrological new year with the start of Aries season. With so much planetary action, your life might look or feel completely different to how it did a month ago. April’s astrology brings even more twists and turns as Aries season continues to turn up the volume and we kick off eclipse season. Get ready!

The month starts out with Mercury entering Taurus on April 3, and the way you communicate becomes more intentional. As a fixed sign, Taurus is known for its slow and steady pace, so you may find people are taking longer to respond. This is productive energy for communicating your values or finding consistency in your daily life.

On April 5, Mercury in Taurus mingles with Saturn in Pisces, lending you the discipline necessary to see your dreams through. You may feel more on top of your to-do list, too. A Full Moon in Libra takes over the sky on the same day, bringing your attention to your closest relationships. During this Full Moon, the Sun cozies up next to Chiron in Aries, which may trigger some of your deeper insecurities and past pains. You’re learning to strike the balance between your needs and others'.

Love is in the air on April 7 when Venus in Taurus embraces Neptune in Pisces. When two of the most romantic planets in the sky meet up, sparks fly! This is a fabulous day to engage in a creative activity, go out on a date, or spend time socializing. On the same day, Mercury in Taurus syncs up with Mars in Cancer, inviting you to take action on your ideas. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, enters Gemini on April 10, making you more cerebral. Trivia night, anyone? This applies doubly to your love life: You want someone who you can learn from, debate with, and just have fun with! Venus in Gemini craves adaptability and versatility. This is speed-dating energy, so don’t be surprised if people are flakier than normal.

Venus in Gemini meets up with Pluto in Aquarius on April 11, and some of your bonds could experience a new level of depth. People with power or influence may also enter your life around this time. On the same day, the Sun in Aries links up with Jupiter in Aries, creating an over-the-top excitable energy. Today is the day to take a risk and take up space! A few days later, a cosmic reality check arrives on April 14 when Venus in Gemini clashes with Saturn in Pisces. You've been letting the good times roll, but now you have to ask yourself, is this sustainable? This is a fleeting transit so know that any feelings of loneliness will pass.

A New Moon and solar eclipse arrives just after midnight Eastern Time on April 20 and marks the beginning of a new eclipse cycle on the Aries-Libra axis. This is also the second New Moon in Aries this year—a rare event! Since November 2021, you've been experiencing eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. This shift means two new areas of your life are subject to fate and destiny taking over! Look at the houses in your birth chart that Aries and Libra occupy to learn more about what types of cosmic shifts you’ll experience over the next 18 months. This solar eclipse will sit next to Jupiter in Aries in the sky, making its shockwaves loud and hard to ignore!

The Sun enters Taurus later in the day on April 20, slowing down the vibe and encouraging you to bring out your inner hedonist! Your sense of pleasure becomes more important right now. Spend some time in nature and indulge. On the same day, the Sun in Taurus brushes up against Pluto in Aquarius, reminding you that you aren’t truly in control. Battles of wills may unfold today. Surrendering to what you cannot control is the best way to move through this energy.

Everyone’s favorite transit takes over the sky on April 21 when Mercury Retrograde begins in Taurus. You may feeling more stubborn, and if you’re waiting for a reply don’t hold your breath! The speed of communication slows down even more than usual in the sign of the bull. If you’re working on a long-term plan for the future, this is a revision period. Welcome the slow-down! Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, a planet that has to do with your finances, money matters can also come up. If you’re waiting on a check or news about a promotion, don’t lose hope—but you can expect delays.

Mercury in Taurus meets with Mars in Cancer on April 23, bringing you back to the first time these two planets met earlier this month on April 7. Whatever you were putting your energy into around this time comes up for revision and rehashing. On April 25, the Sun in Taurus links up with Saturn in Pisces, creating a responsible and productive atmosphere. This is a wonderful day to work toward a goal or project you’re invested in. The month ends with Mars in Cancer meeting with Uranus in Taurus on April 29, bringing a fun and unpredictable energy. Your actions may shock yourself and others!

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