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Your Horoscope for the Week of January 28Hearst Owned

It’s the simple things! Venus in Capricorn forms a trine with Jupiter in Taurus on Monday, reminding us of what we need for connection: consistency, reliability, and mindfulness. On Friday, Mercury in Capricorn forms a sextile with Neptune in Pisces, helping us take action on our dreams. The Moon enters Sagittarius on Friday, making the weekend energetic, expansive, and adventurous!

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope:


Success in socializing, Aries! A Venus-Jupiter trine on Monday helps you achieve a higher level of professional success through giving and receiving support. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sexile supports you in letting go and finding closure on something career-related. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon in your adventure zone is a joyful and exhilarating one, so enjoy!


That was then, this is now, Taurus. Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine supports you seeing people as they are in the present, not for who they were in the past—or for who other people were in the past. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile invites you to reconnect with your friends so you can support each other's dreams. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon in your intimacy zone helps you see eroticism and sexuality more powerfully.


Feel it to heal it, Gemini. Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine inspires you to run towards the emotion you’ve been avoiding. Only when you face this feeling can you heal it. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile brings a burst of imagination and vision to help you approach your career with new ideas. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon is a romantic one, so let yourself connect with the most loving parts of your personality.


Blend friendship and love, Cancer. Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine wants you to bring more levity to love and vice versa. It’s all about integrating the best of friendship and romance. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile helps you experience trust differently. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon helps you stay mindful and in tune with the details for greater wellbeing.


Small career goals only, Leo! Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine is validating the career changes you want to make—but to achieve them, you need to move carefully, focusing on small goals over time. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile wants you to to crawl before you sprint. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon puts a fire in your heart, so express yourself and follow your bliss!


Think again, Virgo! Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine helps you see yourself differently. Lean into confidence and talk to yourself more positively. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile inspires you to have more self-compassion and positive self-talk. The weekend’s Sagittarius Moon in your home/family zone connects you to the people and places that give you safety.


What’s your truth, Libra? Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine wants you to be more direct with your desires. Try to express your authenticity in clear, compassionate ways. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile gives you clues about your emotional wellbeing and who heals you. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon in your cognition zone wants you to follow curiosity for curiosity’s sake.


Speak up, Scorpio! Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine challenges you to use your words a bit faster in relationships so you can maximize clear understanding, agreements, and expectations. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile helps your fluency in the nonverbal language. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon in your embodiment zone helps you connect to pleasure and somatic wisdom.


Live into your values, Sag! Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine wants to help your worry by inspiring you to practice your values. There’s no clarity like knowing you are who you say you are. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune sextile motivates you to check your money mindset. This weekend offers you a Sagittarius Moon so you can live out loud and express your strengths.


Reveal, don’t conceal, Capricorn. Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine reminds you that you can only get to intimacy and connection through vulnerability and sharing your feelings. You can do it! Friday’s Mercury-Neptune trine reframes your relationship to emotions. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon wants you to take time to rest and retreat for contemplation and introspection.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine helps you set yourself free from people and patterns from the past so you can love more bravely in the present. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune trine inspires you to initiate a conversation for closure. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon is a friendly, social one, so reunite with your community and celebrate each other!


Emotions are confusing, Pisces. Monday’s Venus-Jupiter trine blurs the lines between lover, friend, and the in-between. Stay curious, flexible, and unattached to outcomes. Friday’s Mercury-Neptune trine is your moment to live into your values with your friends and see who honors that. This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon is a productive one, so see where it takes you!

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