In her Spokeswoman Era: Donna Kelce teams up with shopping network QVC in new campaign

We’ve seen her promoting Ziploc bags, Papa John’s pizza, chip dip and snacks. Now QVC is touting Donna Kelce for being, well, herself.

The shopping network has chosen Mama Kelce for a new campaign celebrating women over the age of 50, recognizing the NFL mom as one of its new “50+ icons.” She is expected at the national launch next week.

Kelce, 71, is the mother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and now-retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce. She has three granddaughters.

QVC is leaning into a core demographic with its “Age of Possibility” campaign, saying this week that women over 50 are “too often ignored and under-supported by mainstream brands.”

The new effort “aims to reflect age 50+ for what it really is: a vibrant stage of life, full of new questions, changes, opportunities and hopes,” the network said in its announcement.

QVC tapped celebrities, activists, entrepreneurs and QVC hosts to promote the message — the “Quintessential 50” — touting the women as “shining examples of embracing The Age of Possibility.”

The group includes tennis legend Billie Jean King, 80; actresses Jennie Garth, 52, Naomi Watts, 55, Christina Applegate, 52, and Rita Wilson, 67; singers Patti LaBelle, 79, and Queen Latifah, 54, bestselling author Debbie Macomber, 75, and Martha Stewart, 82.

The website for the campaign lists Kelce as a “proud mama and grandma.”

This quote accompanies her photo: “Beauty to me is confidence in who you are.”

In recent NFL seasons, Kelce has become arguably the most recognizable NFL mom, with her sons playing in Super Bowls and her youngest, Travis, dating pop superstar Taylor Swift.

She and the other ambassadors will guide the campaign by influencing QVC programming and product offerings, the network said. Curated products for this age group are promised.

On Tuesday, QVC also launched a new Facebook group, “Over 50 & Fabulous!” As of Wednesday afternoon, the private page had more than 4,000 members.

In just a few hours it has become a friendly online girlfriends chat room.

Heart emojis are flying as women post photos of themselves. In graduation gowns. On Cancun beaches and at the Egyptian pyramids. With their children and grandchildren, dogs and motorcycles. At work. Authors. Teachers. Real estate agents.

“Retirement was boring,” wrote a 70-year-old member.

“Just turned 59. Retired after 27 years in Law Enforcement. Loving wearing my makeup again, my hair down and will most definitely enjoy this group,” wrote another.

“We hear so much chatter about companies targeting Millennials. I often feel like we are overlooked,” added another.

The network said the new effort was inspired by an “alarming gap” between how much women expect from life once they reach 50 versus how little they feel the world supports those expectations.

In March, a survey by QVC and research firm YouGov found that 62% of women ages 50 to 70 feel that turning 50 is seen as a time of decline for women. They said the No. 1 misconception about women their age is that they are resistant to change and new experiences.

Nearly 4,000 people took the survey.

QVC will introduce its new Q50 group at a daylong summit in Las Vegas on April 24.