Here's How Donna Kelce Fed Two Future NFL Stars Growing Up, Plus Her Tips To Hosting A Super Bowl Party

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Donna Kelce's Super Bowl Party TipsCooper Neill / Getty Images Sport - Getty Images

With two sons in the NFL, Donna Kelce knows a thing or two about football—and the best food to eat during the game. Last year, she got to watch sons Travis and Jason Kelce play when the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles faced off in the 2023 Super Bowl. While Donna admits she hasn't done much entertaining during the big game, she has a lot of experience watching the games and raising two professional athletes, so she has plenty of tips for your Super Bowl party.

Her biggest piece of advice? Make it easy and don't fuss too much.

"I want to enjoy the game," she said. "I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen all day."

She loves baked brie wrapped in a crescent roll with jam and almonds.

Kelce said you should serve food that's easy for people to grab, so they can enjoy the game. Luckily, we have a lot of Super Bowl recipes for some of her picks, like chili, ham sandwiches, chicken wings, and pizza. Oh, and you can't forget chips and lots of dips.

"Just enjoy yourself. Whatever your family favorites are, they're probably going to be favorites of everyone else, especially the ones that your family keeps asking for over and over again," she said.

Feeding a crowd (and two kids) can get expensive, so Kelce recommends heading to big box stores where things are reasonably priced. She also uses Ibotta, where you can get cash back for groceries. "That's my personal favorite shopping hack."

You might be wondering what her go-to meals were for feeding her athlete sons when they were growing up. "You couldn't feed them fast enough," she said. "Whenever you would have a meal about an hour later they were hungry again."

Chicken and pasta like spaghetti and rigatoni were favorites. But with a busy schedule, there wasn't always time for a home-cooked meal.

"I'm gonna be honest about this. We did a lot of fast food. We were running from one stadium or one field to another with both kids and it was a necessity, otherwise they didn't eat."

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