Here's What Gordon Ramsay Said About Brooklyn Beckham's Beef Wellington Attempt

a couple of men in a kitchen
Brooklyn Beckham Made Beef Wellington@brooklynpeltzbeckham / Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham has been slammed in the past for calling himself a chef, but if his latest endorsement is any indication of his skills in the kitchen, I'd say the shoe fits.

The son of David and Victoria Beckham took to Instagram earlier this week to show off his Beef Wellington recipe, which he cooked alongside his "sous chef" brother Cruz. "Beef wellington with my lil bro ❤️," he wrote in the post.

After seasoning and searing his filet—which cost a reported £120 ($152 USD)—Beckham prepped the mushroom sauce that included a healthy pour of $44 Woodinville bourbon. He slathered the hunk of meat in mustard, added the mushroom pate and parma ham, before employing Cruz to help him wrap the beef in a pastry shell and finish it with an egg wash.

"Looking at the piece Brooklyn is cooking with here, I'd guess it'd be around 1.2 kilos of very good beef," a London butcher told The Daily Mail. "Beef filet is about the most expensive ingredient on the butcher's counter. This isn't quite a whole filet but for a good piece of grass-fed and probably organic beef of that size I'd guess he'd spent around £120."

While the finished product looked damn good to the untrained eye—a.k.a my eye—it also got the stamp of approval from Michelin-starred celeb chef Gordon Ramsay himself. If you know anything about the Master Chef host, then you know how hard his compliments are to come by.

"That looks great @brooklynpeltzbeckham 🙌❤," Ramsay wrote on Instagram.

It should hardly come as a surprise that Ramsay was so impressed with Brooklyn's Beef Wellington though...considering the fact that he actually taught him how to make it.

"I actually really enjoy cooking. Gordon Ramsay taught me how to do a great beef wellington," the eldest Beckham said in an interview back in 2015.

David Beckham chimed in as well, writing, "So so good boys love u both." And Cruz added, "Brooklyn and I are opening a beef wellington only shop." We say go for it!

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