Here's How Many Restaurants Gordon Ramsay Owns Worldwide

Gordon Ramsay half-smiling
Gordon Ramsay half-smiling - Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay is best known for his appearances in "Hell's Kitchen," "MasterChef," "The F Word," and other cooking shows. He also has a thriving career beyond the screen, operating 58 restaurants around the world, with additional food hall stalls and food court locations, bringing the total to nearly 90.

The celebrity chef owns over 30 venues in the U.S. and several others in the United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Canada, and the Middle East.

His first venue, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, opened in Chelsea in 1998 and received three Michelin stars by 2001. Today, the entrepreneur owns four Michelin-starred venues in the U.K. and France, plus other ventures, including a line of cookware, a charitable foundation, and several bestselling books. "It was always my goal to open my own restaurant and get Restaurant Gordon Ramsay to the top," he told The Macao News. "To get there, I sacrificed so much personally to open it. So, from that moment on, I pushed everyone to make sure we excelled.

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Gordon Ramsay's Restaurants Offer A Unique Dining Experience

Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington
Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington - luis_green/Shutterstock

The Michelin-starred chef wanted to create a fantastic experience for his guests. Along with great food, his restaurants revolve around unique concepts, such as the "Hell's Kitchen" reality show. Some serve bottomless pizza, burgers, or fish and chips, whereas others offer signature dishes like raspberry soufflé, chicken suprême with root vegetables, or sesame-crusted tuna.

For example, Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas delights its guests with exquisite dishes inspired by global cuisine. The menu includes specialties like hamachi crudo, Hudson Valley foie gras, American Wagyu sliders, triple-seared miyazaki striploin, and butter-poached lobster tail. But if you go to The River Restaurant in London, you'll find an exclusive selection of seafood dishes, such as citrus-cured salmon, seabass ceviche, and fish pie.

Ramsay wouldn't touch plane food unless he could eat at his restaurant at Heathrow Airport. The venue is Gordon Ramsay Plane Food and offers three menus featuring quick, delicious dishes like Caesar salad, smoked bacon, beef burgers, and blueberry cheesecake. Guests can also bring the food onboard for a gourmet experience at 36,000 feet in the air. It's also worth mentioning that many of Ramsay's U.K.-based restaurants are dog-friendly, allowing pet owners to dine with their four-legged companions.

His Venues Have Drawn Praise And Criticism Alike

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen and Bar
Gordon Ramsay Kitchen and Bar - Paula French/Shutterstock

Gordon Ramsay was named the world's most successful celebrity chef in 2022 and 2023, but his work has received praise and criticism alike. Three of the reporters at Insider visited five of his restaurants, and their opinions were mixed. One wasn't particularly impressed with Ramsay's Times Square-based venue. At the same time, another had a rather disappointing experience at Ramsay's Street Burger in London but loved everything about Ramsay's Street Pizza and Pétrus. And a third was impressed by the ambiance at his Malaysian-based restaurant but not so much the food.

Similarly, the Reddit community has mixed feelings about Ramsay's dining venues. "My wife and I are big Gordon fans, and one of the best meals we ever had was at Hell's Kitchen in Vegas ... His signature Beef Wellington is unbelievable," said one user. "If you get dessert, definitely get the sticky toffee pudding — it's crazy good," he added. Some users said the food was good but not great. Others found the portions too small or too pricey. But, as one user pointed out, "It depends on what you're going for."

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